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What Is Temporal Aura in Loki? The Role It Could Play In MCU

What Is Temporal Aura In Loki?
From Loki E01 Featuring Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Loki brings back similar magic that WandaVision created earlier this year. After a classic action-packed superhero drama like The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Loki once again explores more of the other side of superheroes. Thus, giving us a big picture, the MCU is headed to introduce with multiverse and highest authorities ever to exist. Amidst this, Loki also raises a number of questions that are yet to be answered. For example, in the opening 10 minutes, when the TVA captured Loki, they talked about a thing called Temporal Aura. That’s what we are discussing here today on What Is Temporal Aura in Loki? and how it may come into effect in the coming episodes of Loki and MCU ventures.

Since his very arrival at the TVA, Loki has somewhat turned his detective skills on. While he has agreed to help the Officers, he is also working for himself. For every help, time and again, he has questioned Mobius about the working of TVA. How could it steal away the world’s free will? How is everything meant to happen? Similarly, one of his first questions was the Temporal Aura. We saw it in a picture taken by a TVA employee when Loki walked through a detector that determines if he is a robot. The employee didn’t answer Loki on what Temporal Aura is, but we will. So let’s begin.

What Is Temporal Aura in Loki?

Temporal Aura, if we say it, is a thing that every individual or variant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has. Unless he is a robot or machine. Even in the multi-verse of MCU. The TVA’s job, as mentioned before, is to put the sacred timeline in one flow. Plus, track down the variant that may have caused the flow of Sacred Timeline to disrupt. This variant could be from any of the universes from the multiverses or timelines. So to distinguish them from each other, they have variant numbers as well as the detection of their temporal aura. This temporal aura is unique to each variant across the universe of MCU that TVA looks after. Plus, this helps the TVA to track down the variant as well.

What Does Temporal Aura Mean In Loki?

From Loki E01

We were introduced to Temporal Aura when TVA captured Loki and was brought to TVA HQ. When Loki gets registered, an employee asks him about him being a robot and to pass through a kind of detector. In case he is a robot, the machine may melt him down from inside. An unexpectedly scared Loki does cross the machine and survives since he is a completely organic being. What the machine brings out is a photograph which the employee refers to as Loki’s temporal aura but ignores to explain what it is.

How TVA Uses Temporal Aura In Loki?

Right after the mention of Temporal Aura was dropped in, we saw Mobius using it right away. Mobius and TVA officers were hunting the evil Loki in Aix-En-Provence, France, in 1549. Amidst it, a young boy interrupts them. Mobius tries to talk the kid down and gets him comfortable. He asks him who could’ve killed those men. The kid points out at the devil. But in all this conversation, one thing which catches Mobius’ eyes is the blue teeth of the kid. He then reveals the Kablooie candy he has, which comes from another time.

How Does TVA Use Temporal Aura?

From Loki E01

That doesn’t shock Mobius but makes it more obvious of the variant, he gives the candy to Hunter U-92 and asks him to run through the sequence period and find hints on any temporal aura. This certainly means the TVAs can not only identify the timeline the candy is from but also the temporal aura it carries, which they can crackdown too. At the moment, that’s all we have about this temporal aura the show talks about. There may be more to it which we are yet to find out. Marvel is probably sowing seeds, and temporal aura may have a bigger picture in the near future since the multiverse is coming into play.

So coming back in the circle, Loki as a show explores different multiverse and timelines, so expect the temporal aura to play more roles in coming episodes. This may also explain more about it. If not Loki, it may have a presence in the upcoming Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness. The movie ties up with Loki and teases the exploration of the multiverse too. So expect more explanations about Temporal Aura in turn.

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