What Is Sunmi’s Net Worth? How Rich Is The Former ‘Wonder Girls’ Songstress?

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Born in Iksan, South Korea, Lee Sun-mi, anonymously known as Sunmi, is one of the richest singing idols in the industry. Thus, fans are curious to know about Sunmi’s net worth. Being a rising female idol today, a former ‘Wonder Girl’ singer, Sunmi is not just a songstress but also an exceptional dancer, composer, and songwriter. Looking at what a commendable lyricist she is, recently only her fans showed a remarkable response for the lyrics of her song ‘TAIL’ to the extent that she herself expressed about the concept behind the song and how she had put her wild imagination in the choreography and lyrics for the same.

Sunmi made her first appearance with the girl group ‘Wonder Girls’ around 2007 and eventually got popular as a vocalist of the group. Sunmi featured alongside Sunye Min under JYP Entertainment but was regretfully forced to quit the group in 2010 to continue her academics. After a three-year layoff, Sunmi made her appearance as a soloist with her 2013 debut extended play, Full Moon, producing the second-fastest-growing singles “24 Hours” and “Full Moon” on the national Gaon Digital Chart. In 2015, Sunmi was confirmed to be starting endorsement with the Wonder Girls and continued with the group till around their expulsion in 2017. Following her departure from JYP Entertainment, she joined Abyss Company and released the hit single “Gashina”.

Combination Of Popularity And Identity – ‘Sunmi-Pop’

Sunmi is renowned in the K-pop business for having invented her musical style dubbed “Sunmi-pop”. It keeps K-pop’s key inspirations such as pop, disco, rock, traditional Korean music with retro and city pop components blended with Sunmi’s own distinct musical personality.

Sun-mi in ‘TAIL’ teaser

The notion of “Sunmi-pop” was initially introduced by Sunmi herself on You Hee-yeol’s sketchbook at the start of 2018. Afterward year, in a conversation with 1TheK’s Channel on youtube broadcast in September 2018, she said that her objective was to develop her unique style of music branded after her. She revealed her major ambition during a comprehensive interview with Billboard Korea, wishing that her music genre could become something that might influence other musicians.

What Is Sunmi’s Net Worth?

Sunmi’s tremendous career as a singer is indeed the big contributor behind her potentially huge net worth. Except for being a K-pop star, Sunmi is also the ambassador for PUMA Korea. She penciled an association arrangement with the company in 2020 and since then has been releasing fresh promotions.

This year, she had a chaotic schedule and released diverse stuff on her YouTube page.

Sunmi Cr: Abyss Company

Lee Sunmi’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. Also known for her music genre in the history of k-pop, Sunmi is one of the richest singing figures in the K-Pop industry. Along with her music and acting gigs, the idol has a huge influence on her fans and followers. Sunmi had been responsible for songwriting, composing, and producing through every record she ever released. She created and recorded her most renowned tracks, such as “Siren” and “LALALAY”.

A representative of PUMA Korea appreciated and acknowledged her exceptional music and performances, Sunmi proved to be a brilliant artist. Moreover, her communication with fans offstage portrays a positive and radiant outlook.

Astounded by her persona, it is even said that she’s got a 4D personality which reflects her creativity of reacting in a very fascinating and peculiar manner to situations.

Sun-mi in ‘Heroine’

Sunmi’s Achievements

The uncountable nominations and prestigious wons reflect her hard work and creative dedication to her journey’s epitome. She received the Mnet Asian Music Award ‘Best Dance Performance – Solo’ for her solo single ‘Full Moon’ in 2014, as well as the ‘Style in Music’ Award through 2017. She also got the ‘Song of the Year’ Award for her solo record ‘Gashina’ during 2018 even at Gaon Chart Music Awards, the ‘Artist of the Year, Singer’ and ‘Best Music’ Award at the Asia Artist Awards in 2018 and the ‘Best Female Artist’ award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2018. Also, besides Jennie, Sunmi is the only female K-pop soloist to have had a song streamed over 100 million times on Spotify.

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