What is Simon Leviev’s Net Worth? The Tinder Swindler Who Pretended To Be The King of Diamonds’ Son!

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Netflix’s new British true-crime documentary film “The Tinder Swindler,” directed by Felicity Morris, is garnering all the attention of the netizens, and in between, the one who is enjoying most of the limelight is Shimon Hayut. Well, if you don’t know who he is, then you must know Simon Leviev, don’t you? What is Simon Leviev’s net worth? The infamous Israeli conman who was convicted of theft, forgery, and fraud! The game which he played with his victims proved to the world that all that shines is not gold! His story will make you think twice before relying on online dating next time.

From 2017 to 2019, the Ponzi scheme had the back of Simon Leviev, which had eventually helped him to allegedly swindle an estimated $10 million from victims across the European continent alone! More recently, after the release of the documentary, he has been banned from Tinder and other dating apps like Match.com, Plenty of Fish, etc. If you are wondering why then, the next sections will guide you the right way! As for now, the slight idea would be that the Tinder Swindler has seduced and defrauded young women for their millions of wealth and is a fugitive from justice in many countries. Well, his skilled tactics have made people wonder, what is Simon Leviev’s Net Worth! But before that, let us know how he had managed to befool his victims for so many years!

simon leviev net worth
Simon Leviev

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Simon Leviev’s Tactics To Befool His Victims!

Well, it would be interesting if we start from the very basics, like the first time when he came up with any idea of deceiving people. Simon Leviev or originally Shimon Yehuda Hayut, was born on 27th September 1990 in Ramat Elchanan, Bnei Brak, Israel. And thus, this year, he will be turning 32. When he was 15 years old, along with his family’s friends, he too moved to Brooklyn, New York, in the US. However, he wasn’t honest with them as well, as they had later accused him of misusing their credit card. From the very beginning, since the teenage itself, Shimon has been committing minor offenses such as check fraud.

Following this starts the journey of becoming Simon Leviev from Shimon Yehuda Hayut. He legally had changed this name. And the reason for using this surname was the masterstroke in his whole plan. He used Leviev so that he could befool others that he was the heir of “The King of Diamonds”! He pretended to be the son of Lev Avnerovich Leviev, an Israeli businessman known by this title.

And now, the Netflix documentary “The Tinder Swindler,” which paved the way on 2nd February 2022, narrates the story told by some of his victims in which he contacts women using the dating platform “Tinder.” He first gains their attention by showing them his lavish lifestyle and then eventually make them addicted to him through all the expensive treats like making them travel on his private jet, dinner in a five-star hotel, etc.

simon leviev net worth
Simon Leviev

And when the bond is strong enough, he says that there are threats against him and eventually asks the victim to help him monetary and says that his life depends on them. Following which they take loans or try something else to lend him money in millions. But after that, he befools them and uses that money to trap another victim! However, the question still remains the same, what is Simon Leviev Net’s Worth? Let us find out!

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What is Simon Leviev’s Net Worth?

Even after having a past lined with fraud, Simon Leviev enjoys a huge Net Worth estimated to be between $500,000-$1 million. However, through his social media handles, it seems that he used most of his wealth to gift himself a life filled with lavish pieces of equipment. On the other hand, The King of Diamonds – Lev Leviev has a Net Worth estimated to be between US$1 -$1.5 billion.

Earlier, Shimon Yehuda Hayut, a.k.a. Simon Leviev, was arrested in 2019 by Interpol in Greece for using a forged passport. Following this, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison in Israel. But the COVID-19 pandemic helped him to get released five months later. However, still, he had not learned his lesson. It is believed that in 2020 he pretended to be a medical worker so that he could get the vaccine early.

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