What Is Sanha’s Net Worth? How Rich Is The ASTRO Singer?

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Sanha Net Worth

Good days are here for the ASTRO fandom as new things keep coming towards them. Focusing on their own work, all of them are giving treats to the fans. Recently, Sanha has been the apple of the eye of many fans. With him being back in TV and music, the fandom has been increasing in size once again. If you want to know everything about Yoon Sanha’s life and net worth, you are not alone. The maknae of the group has got all the charms and skills he could ever need to sway people off their feet.

According to the whole k-pop fandom, ASTRO’s Sanha is known as the best idol maknae. And the idol has no problem with the title. Having the “Maknae on top,” the idol wears the tag proudly. Despite having a lovable and cheeky personality, the idol is very wise with his tongue. And according to his friends, if he gets the chance to talk informally and be frank with others, he does. Sanha makes the most of the opportunity and has some fun with the rest of the group. Being the youngest at both the house and the band, the idol just loves to tease his hyungs.

Sanha's Net Worth

A Look At Sanha’s Life: The Golden Maknae

Learning guitar from his father and elder brothers, Sanha has always been interested in music since he was a kid. Attending A-Sound Music Academy, the idol went on to perfect his vocals and guitar skills. Participating in Fantagio iTeen audition and showing off his music skills, he became a trainee at Fantagio in December 2012. And by 2015, he was the third trainee to be officially introduced with the Fantagio iTeen Photo Test Cut. After having the golden chance to make his debut with ASTRO, it was almost taken away as Sanha was the shortest in the group. After having a growth spurt all of a sudden, not just Sanha did make his debut, but he also became the tallest member in the boy group.

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Along with making his debut as an idol in 2016, he was also working on his acting career. He went on to star in the web drama ‘To Be Continued’ alongside the members of ASTRO. Having a moderate success in acting and a bigger success in music, the idol went on to release some solo music too. He released the song “Because I’m a Fool” in collaboration with Bily Acoustie. Following that, he also became one of the hosts for the SBS MTV variety show Yogobara. Not leaving the variety shows behind, he has also been the part of ‘King of The Mask Singer’. With MTV, the idol’s MC career also took off as he was announced as one of the MCs for the tvN D variety talk show Night Of Blanket Kicks alongside MJ.


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What Is Sanha’s Net Worth?

Sanha’s estimated net worth falls around $1 million. While music is the major contributor to the bank account, Sanha has also been working as an actor. Currently starring in Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Jung’s starrer ‘Crazy Love,’ Sanha has been gathering many compliments for his work. Not just limited to music and TV acting, he has also been a part of the Off-Broadway musical “Altar Boyz” with fellow idols Golden Child Y and Joochan, NU’EST Baekho, and SF9 Taeyang. Having a good following on his social media accounts, Sanha also has a few brand endorsement deals to his name.

Teaming up with fellow group member Moonbin, Sanha made his debut with the ASTRO sub-unit called ‘Moonbin & Sanha’. Recently, the duo has just made their comeback with the new EP. The album is already trending on music charts all over the world. Taking his time, Sanha has changed a lot, as he has become more mature. The idol has put a lot of effort into the new album with the fellow member.

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