Robin Givens Net Worth: How Rich is Mike Tyson’s Ex Wife?

What Is Robin Givens' Net Worth?
Robin Givens

Robin Givens is an American actress and model that was born on November 27, 1964. The 56-year-old actress has always remained in talks, or we can say in controversies because of her divorce settlements and all. She has always remained the talk of the town and has been given different titles defaming her name and character. But before sharing the major details about her, we would like to give you a highlight of her acting career that has always got a lot of ups and downs, but luckily she has been a part of some of the masterpieces ever made. She started her career in 1978 with the film “The Wiz” which was not very much successful, and she was in a supporting role in that film.

Till 1986, she has remained a part of many films and series but, she got her first breakdown in 1986 from the ABC sitcom series “Head Of The Class” but her breakdown was not for a very long time as some serious troubles got introduced in her life which caused some serious and drastic issue in her life diverting her from her acting career. Today, we have got a lot of amazing and must-know details about her regarding her net worth, relationships, and all other details that might be a little bit outrageous for you all. All the facts are checked in depth before sharing, and hence, this post is going to be really informative for you all if you know her earlier or have recently got to know her.

What Is Robin Givens' Net Worth?
Robin Givens At An Award Show

What Is Robin Givens’ Net Worth?

Robin Given is said to have a net worth of $1 million. Although her major income has been from her acting career, she has a promoter of some of the fragrance and wellness brands, and it has also contributed to her net worth. Major sources of her income are her acting career, and brand promotions, and not many details are available about her other sources as she had ever revealed them openly. If any of her income sources other than, these two are revealed by her in the future then, we will update that on this site to the earliest.

Also, many people believe that she has wrongly figured her net worth as she has also received a huge amount from her divorce, but she claimed that she has not yet got even a single penny from her divorce. Her divorce case is still going on and she has even lost the hope that she will ever receive anything.

What Is Robin Givens' Net Worth?
Robin And Her Ex-Husband Mike Tyson

Her Divorce Controversy

Robin Givens got married to Mike Tyson, the very famous former American boxer. They got married in 1988, and within a year, a divorce case was filled by her in the courthouse in 1989 against Mike Tyson. She accused Mike Tyson of physically and mentally abusing her. She charged him for harassing her and pushing her into mental depression and trauma. Their divorce case captured huge media attention, and within no long time, their divorce case became the talk of the town.

She had filed a lawsuit of $25 million against Mike Tyson, and for this, she was badly criticized and trolled by the fans of Mike Tyson, and she was really titled as the gold digger who entered Tyson’s life just for money. Their divorce by day by day started getting more and more attention from the media, and within a short period of time, she became the most hated woman in the United States. After all this, her lawyers again filed a lawsuit of $125 million against Mike Tyson for defaming her publicly and for creating a wrong image of her throughout the nation.

Although, nothing was ever proved against Mike Tyson as she didn’t have even a single proof against him assaulting or harassing her. It is said that Mike Tyson had to pay $10 million to Robin Givens, but she has claimed that she never received even a single penny from Mike. Till now, no one knows the reality except both of them. As of now, we have shared all the major details about her, for more updates like these, just stay tuned to this site as a lot of updates are coming up very soon.

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