What Is Richard Ramirez’s Net Worth? How Rich Is The American Serial Killer?

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Richard Ramirez Net Worth
Richard Ramirez

In 1984, San Francisco woke up with a tormented scream of a young girl who was Richard Ramirez’s first victim. Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, popularly known as Richard Ramirez, was the most infamous serial killer, burglar, child molester, and serial raper. While he is only known for his infamous deeds, Richard Ramirez’s net worth is a talking point when we look at his life as a whole. Ramirez is a great example of our environment and surrounding nurturing who we are in the present day. Assaulted by his father at a very young age, Ramirez was under the great impact of his elder cousin, who taught him military skills. Ramirez, due to all the pressure, inculcated a weird interest in killing, satanism, and the occult. He developed a strange habit of cocaine and preferred killing to undermine the urge of the drugs and money needed.

However, the serial killer began the killing spree with a fortune under his pocket! The most traumatizing truth of the death spree was that the murderer was making quite a living out of it, sufficient enough to hold all his drugs expenses. He was mostly found spanning between northern and southern areas of California both before and during his year-long criminality gambol. Read further to know the only source of Richard Ramirez’s income and how much he made out of it.

Richard Ramirez Net Worth
Richard Ramirez

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What Is Richard Ramirez’s Net Worth?

 Richard Ramirez’s net worth is estimated to have been somewhere around $1-5 million. Richard was under the great influence of his older brother Miguel who was a drug addict himself. Miguel used to show Richard the photos of all his victims, which never creeped out Richard. Instead, Richard started having quite an interest in all the violent activities. This was somehow the advent of the most successful criminal. At the age of 10, Richard was already under the addiction to marijuana and alcohol as his brother accompanied him while smoking joints and drinking beers. Soon after he turned 14 in early 1974, Richard started consuming LSD and, during that period, gained a strong belief in satanism and occultism. Richard dropped out of his school in ninth grade and started going on normal burglary with his cousin’s brother.

At the age of 22, Richard started with the immense consumption of cocaine. He moved to California and settled there permanently. Cocaine became his main substance of choice, and he needed money for more cocaine. Soon after that, Richard began to commit theft and burglaries to make for the cocaine expenses. Ramirez is assumed to be having $1 Million – $5 Million dollars as his net worth before being sentenced, which he made from his primary career as a criminal.

Richard Ramirez From Death Row to Prison Infirmary

Richard Ramirez, after being abducted, was given 13 death sentences. All thirteen cases included five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, and 14 burglaries. He was finally sentenced to death in the gas chambers of California. But Richard ran out the death sentence as he died of natural causes. After the sentencing, he was transferred to California’s San Quentin State Prison. Richard didn’t give up on hope and continuously appealed for hearings that were declined by the court.

While all the appealing and continuation of the case, Richard was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer known as  B-cell lymphoma. Also, the drug use had an adverse effect on his body, and he suffered through intricacies from regular substance misuse and a regular hepatitis C viral infection, probably due to intravenous drug usage.

Richard Ramirez Net Worth
Richard Ramirez during a court appearance in Los Angeles, Ca., in October of 1985.

Being in prison makes the prisoners prone to such disease, and likewise, Richard suffered terminal cancer. Although due to poor maintenance, the actual reason for the disease remains unclear. Ramirez was never given a final chance to be executed publically for the sins he committed. Richard followed satanism for 24 years and died of natural causes while waiting for his execution. And due to not being executed, his last words were never actually recorded.

Although some of his case files reveal some of the statements given by Richard where he claims to be a part of the satan group. Richard claimed that no one can understand him as he expects no one to ever will. He claims to be beyond everyone’s capability and experience. Richard Ramirez expressed himself to be beyond good and evil. And he was so sure that the satan believer would be avenged even after his demise.

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