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What is Richard Madeley’s Net Worth? All His Assets & Earnings

Richard Madeley Net Worth (2)
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Born and brought up in England, Richard Madeley is considered to be one of the richest personalities of the UK. However, despite having been labeled with the tag of richest personality only a few people know about his net worth. In this article, we’ll discover more about Richard Madeley’s net worth. Though before delving deeper into Richard Madeley’s net worth let us first know about his personal life and achievements. 

Madeley had started his journey as a reporter at the Lookaround local news for Border Television. He has presented over 100 television series in his career. However, he is best known for hosting the famous TV series Cluedo from 1991 to 1993. Due to his amazing hosting skills, Madeley also got an opportunity to do a TV series ‘Tonight with Richard Madeley’ alongside his wife Judy Finnigan in 1996 and Richard and Judy Exclusive in 1997. Later in 2007 Madeley was appeared in Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway. One of his longest series is “This Morning” which was streamed from 1988 to 2014 continuously. Madeley was also fond of writing and wrote many books some of which were based on his life while others were fictional novels.

What is Richard Madeley’s net worth?

The 65-year-old Richard Madeley’s net worth is $3.6 million. Last year, Richard had also offered a famous reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity. It is believed that Richard was paid £200,000 to participate in the show. Richard appeared in the show along with his wife Judy. Alongside this Richard was also quite active in writing and wrote several fictional stories and an autobiography.

One of his famous books is ‘Fathers &Sons’ in which Richard wrote about his family’s experience as a kid and father. The book received a good response from readers and critics. Alongside this, last year Richard also replaced Piers Morgan as a presenter in the Good Morning Britain show. According to some sources, Richard was paid £300,000 to present the show.

Richard Madeley Net Worth

Richard Madeley © Women & Home

Richard also owns a bungalow at Hampstead Heath which has all the necessary amenities we need daily. House is also very spacious and beautiful with large windows and balconies. After seeing the house interior it seems Madeley had paid a good sum of money to buy and renovate the home. However, no information has been discovered about the exact cost of the home. Richard is also fond of fancy cars and loves to drive, he owns a plush convertible Jaguar in which he is often spotted in the city. 

Is Richard Madeley married?

Yes, Richard Madeley is married to Judy Finnigan, it was Madeley’s second marriage. Judy and Madeley also have two kids Jack and Chloe who are married to a famous former player James Haskell. His daughter Chloe is a fitness trainer and a dietitian. She is very active on Instagram and keeps posting pictures related to fitness and diet. While his son is a talent manager and managed the work of various big personalities of Britain. Richard and Judy were made friends in 1982 and soon their friendship turned into a serious relationship as a result both get hitched in 1986. Richard was quite a romantic person, before getting married to Judy Richard had been involved in 10 affairs. However, all those affairs are not serious. 

Richard Madeley Net Worth (2)

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Controversies linked with Richard Madeley?

Madeley’s name was also involved in several controversies. Despite being a rich person in 1991, Madeley was alleged for Nonpayment of a few products that he had bought from Tesco supermarket in manchester. Several times, Madeley was caught giving offensive statements over sensitive matters. Last year, Madeley was criticized for commenting on Covid-19 cases. Madeley said that “Coronavirus is not a serious disease and government should not impose restrictions regarding it” Many people considered Madeley’s comment insensitive and advised him to be sensitive while presenting his points as he is a public figure.

This year Madeley was again caught in a massive controversy when he made an illogical comment on the death threats given to the famous opposition leader   Keir Starmer. During a discussion on his ITV show, Madeley said “Giving death threat is not a big deal. ” The supporters of Keir were highly offended by this statement and demanded the show makers remove Madeley from their show.

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