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What is Receiptify? How to Turn Favorites on Spotify into a Shareable Receipt?

Suppose you are a fan of listening to music you might like to share your taste in music with other people too. Fans love sharing their music list, especially at the end of the year. People who like to stream and listen to music love to visit Spotify wrapped, which uncovered the habit of streaming various music I entire year. This sharing and waiting for an entire year can be cut short by the new plugin that has been introduced to the public recently named Receiptify.

Receiptify is a plug-in or site that converts the list of tracks that are most streamed or listened to by the user into a receipt like a shopping receipt. The plug-in was a creation of Michelle Liu, and the idea was solely inspired by @albumreceipts and which further took the idea inspiration from @yvesguardian, which is an account on Instagram that shares a tracklist on a receipt that looks like a shopping receipt. Receiptify is quite different, and it can view the top 10 tracks that are most listened to rather than just having a tracklist of random albums. The receipt also has the inclusion of total time in the “total” section in the bill.

What is Receiptify on Spotify?

Receiptify is a plug-in that has the purpose of converting the tracks of Spotify that are most streamed or listened to into a receipt that looks like a shopping receipt. The plug-in combine with the account on Spotify and the user has to choose to feature the song on the receipt listed from the previous month, six months, or even from the initiation of the user of the app. The length of the track is cited as “duration “and the total amount of hours or minutes invested in the streaming is given in as the “amount” charged which is located at the receipt near the ending.

What is Receiptify? How to turn your Spotify faves into a shareable receipthttps


Spotify is a streaming service for audio that was founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon on 23 April 2006. It is considered to be one of the largest streaming services for music with garnering almost active users of 365 million monthly and also there are almost 165 million subscribers that have taken the premium membership according to the monthly report on June 2021. The app has offered several recorded music that is copyright protected, podcasts, and also has about more than 70 million songs in its catalog from companies and record labels.

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What is the process of using Receiptify?

To start using the plug-in the person has to first log into Receiptify with his/her Spotify provided the user has already made and logged in into his/her Spotify account. The page will notify the user to login in via their Spotify accounts. The next step is receipt generation from the favor of choosing. Then the image can be reviewed and downloaded. The image can be shared on Instagram or any social media handle of the user’s choosing.

Although the site might be a little broken as the creator tweeted stating that the download button might not function on mobile phones and the user might have to take a screenshot of the receipt. She assured me that the bugs would be fixed as soon as possible. The user can choose to take out the receipt from last month’s streams, six-month duration, or even from the day of use.

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What was the online reaction to Receiptify, and how to post the receipt on social media?

There have been many people and users who have been sharing the receipts on their social media handles and the internet and garnering some knowledge about each other and their habits of listening. A person tweeted by stating that the Receiptify had made him realize that he has to put attention to what he is listening to as the receipt will; expose him to his listening habits. Another person tweeted by saying that he listens to white noise while sleeping and it is his most played song on Spotify and it just looks bad.

What is Receiptify? How to turn your Spotify faves into a shareable receipt

Receipt shared on social media handle like Instagram

Many users have shared their receipts on their various social media handles but some might be confused as to how to post these receipts on their social media handles? To do this simply go to the bottom of the receipt that is on the site and there will be a button named ‘get image’. Just click on the button and it will download the image or receipt on the device that is used to access the Receiptify site. For people who are facing glitches, like some mobile users, they can just screenshot and post the receipt as usual photos.

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