What Is PUBG Training Mode? – Update


If you haven’t yet heard of PUBG, chances are you are living under a rock. The game has been going viral these past few months. But many people are unable to enjoy the game up to its full potential.

PUBG Training Mode – Update

After all the wait, finally, there is some good news for amateur PUBG fans. In a very revolutionary move, Video game developer Bluehole has recently announced the addition of an extensive training mode. It is a part of their Fix PUBG campaign. After a very lengthy campaign, PUBG fandom managed to convince the developers to add the training area. Long Live the Revolution!

It has been one of the most expected features in the game. It was probably inevitable. It aims to familiarize the players with shooting, skydiving, driving amongst the other cool stuff, so that they are not embarrassed in the real game. The game involves a lot of mechanics and getting familiar with all the shooting and diving results in better control during the game. The players can learn at their own pace and save themselves from attacks on their self-esteem, which come when they dive headfirst into the game without the proper know-how and end up being ripped apart by pros. The studio said that the training mode lets around 5-20 players explore a brand new map and practice their skills for the kingdom come.

The two-square-kilometer map will let players practice all gameplay aspects.

This move has been hailed by many as being very clever and ambitious, which aims to expose millions of potential newbies to the game. The mode will also help the pros to understand better how new things work.

This is not all. There are said to be many changes to the training mode in the pipeline to further improve it. Many aspects of the mode like the range targets distance, the parachute range, the CQC course, and the vehicle tracks are under further development and expected to evolve further.

The fever of the battle royale game is expected to rise in the coming days.


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