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What is PUBG Error Code 556793879 and How to Fix it?

Battlegrounds mobile India error code

Released in 2018, PUBG Mobile can be considered as one of the most popular Battle Royale games available in the market. Even though many other major titles have come forward to give competition to this game, the gaming community always has a special spot for PUBGM in their hearts. And even after facing bans from some nations, PUBG Mobile has done its best to overcome those barriers and provide the best gaming experience for the community. But sometimes, while playing with friends, you may face some unfortunate issues. While launching the game, you may an error message with a specific code number with it. You don’t need to worry about this, because today we will be looking at What is PUBG error code 556793879 and how to fix it.

PUBG error code

Along with this error message, there are also some other error codes, that could be seen appearing in the game. Since this all affects our overall gaming experience, we will be also looking at these other popular PUBG Mobile error messages. There will be also fixes based on these error code numbers that show up while playing PUBG Mobile. Since both the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG mobile are expected to share the same game mechanics, you can use these methods to fix the error code appearing in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. without any delays, let’s get into the article.

Why Do these Errors Happen?

The errors in PUBG Mobile can be happened due to various reasons. It could be either a connectivity issue or it also could be some other issues, which may include hardware issues or issues with the application in the form of bugs or glitches. Every time when an error occurs in the game, there is a code or the number that will appear in the game screen. These codes generally 9-digit codes associated with the error so as to understand what is the error and what solution can be taken to solve the issue. With this article, we will be looking at the various errors and how you can fix them easily.

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PUBG error code 154140716: Connectivity Issues

This error mainly shows up when there are issues with either the internet or in the DNS. These errors can also be seen appeared with different code numbers such as 556793874 and 555024384. This error may also happen if players are playing the PUBG mobile versions that are not available in their regions. Do note that there are high chances that you may get banned for a few days if you are not using the appropriate global version of PUBG Mobile.


For solving this issue follow these steps:

Method 1: Checking the Internet connection

The first step is to check if their internet connection. Try checking what is the issue if you are using mobile data, make sure the network is stable or you are on an active plan, or even check if it’s the issue of the mobile phone. If using wifi, check the router and modem are working properly and see if there is a stable connection.

Method 2: Changing the DNS

if the first method doesn’t work, then it’s better to try this. In this method, we will be checking if the DNS is working properly. Change the DNS of your network by replacing it with either Google DNS or Open DNS. After download either one of them, change the DNS as follows:

  • Google DNS | |
  • OpenDNS | |

Modifying the DNS

For an Android device,

  • On your phone go to Settings app > WiFi
  • Long press on your network that you use for the gameplay
  • There should be an option to Modify Network.
  • Under IP Settings change the status to Static
  • Now, enter the GoogleDNS or the OpenDNS in both DNS 1 and 2.

Method 3: Using VPN

If you are not using the PUBG mobile specified for your location, you may face this issue. It’s always suggested to use the official version specified for the particular region. if there isn’t any official PUBG mobile game available for your region, you can use the VPN app and set it to the corresponding country. Do note that, using VPN to play PUBG mobile may lead to getting a ban.

PUBG Error Code 556793879: Solution

This error may happen if the players are using any kinds of ad-blockers, old cache files,  anti-virus apps or so. You can follow these steps to solve this error

Clearing Cache 

For clearing the cache, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > App  > See All Apps
  • Find PUBG Mobile, open it
  • Tap on Storage & Cache 
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Storage

Remove Anti-Virus Apps

Firstly, there is no need to install any kind of Antivirus application on your device. It will do nothing good to your device. These anti-virus apps won’t do any kind of blocking the malware or vulnerabilities, but also won’t allow the proper working of any other application. The best thing to make your device safe is by installing the timely updates released by the particular OEMs for your smartphone. This is the only effective way to protect your device from any kinds of malware and vulnerabilities.

Disable Ad-blockers

it’s no wonder that we all hate the ads popping up every now and then when we are on any webpage. And so, to get rid of them, we use the help of ad-blockers. But these ad-blockers may also stop any ad-based content on the game. If you don’t know, blocking these ads may affect the game as a whole.  To remove every ad-blockers installed in your device and after that restart your device and launch the PUBG Mobile game.

Error Code:554827799 Solution

This error occurs when you are installing the game for the first time or installing an update to the existing build. if you get this error message, the best thing to do is to stop installing the app and start again. Before restarting the installation process, make sure you have a stable internet connection available.

Error Code: 554827783 Internet error.

Like many of the error’s core reasons, this error is occurred due to the unstable network. If this error ever happens to you, do check with your network service provider. Also, if you are using a VPN, mainly a free VPN, while playing the game, there are high chances that it may cause the internet to slow down. Try switching off your VPN, Then re-launch the game.

Error code: 555745297: Check the Device Storage. 

As the title suggests, this error may be caused by the unavailability of storage space. The game requires a particular amount of storage space, in order to install the game. The best way is to use your file manager to remove the clutter files that you do not use and remove them.

Before clearing the unnecessary files, check how much space does the game requires for installation and the availability on your device. After that:

  • Go to Settings > Storage. tap on it.
  • you will find the option to free up space
  • You can manually go to various folders like music, videos, images and remove the files which you don’t need.
  • try to install the PUBG Mobile game from Play Store.

PUBG Mobile Error Codes: 55487832 Internet error. 

Along with the error code in the title, the following codes such as 154140712,  554762241, and 154140712 can also be displayed for the same issue.

Avoid Public Network

While playing the game, it is always suggested not to use public networks. This is because a lot of people would be tethered to that network. So, eventually, you won’t get enough data to run the game.

Try out a VPN

Some internet providers also prevent the use of particular services on the internet. the solution to overcome this problem is to install a VPN. Do note that it may reduce the speed of the internet especially if you are using a free VPN.

Restart modem

Try to Disconnect and Reconnect the modem. This is one of the most tried and effective ways to fix the issue.

Clear Cache and Storage of the Application

For clearing the cache, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > App  > See All Apps
  • Find PUBG Mobile, open it
  • Tap on Storage & Cache 
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Storage

Use Ethernet

Connecting to the Ethernet will provide you better connectivity. You can try disconnecting and reconnect if you are already connected via Ethernet.

Reinstall PUBG

This should be considered as the last step when every other step did not work for you.

  • Uninstall PUBG
  • de-link your Google Play or Facebook account linked with the game.
  • After that go to Play Store > and download the game from the official profile

PUBG error code

Do note that whenever downloading the game, always choose authentic and official sources to download applications. This is because most of the third-party sources that host APKs may also carry harmful malware along with APK. if you install these APK’s it will be harmful to your device. We hope that we helped you with solving the PUBG error code with this article.

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