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What Is Peter Wright’s Net Worth? About The World Darts Champion

Peter Wright in Action
Peter Wright

Today’s world demands insights into celebrity lives from anywhere possible. According to which celebrities are categorized and at the top of the category, Peter Wright’s Net Worth is trending currently. It is all dependent on the trends which are currently creating the buzz. So right now, Peter Wright is the flag bearer of the race. Usually, sportspeople and film actors are the ones who are trending on the media charts. Peter Wright is a sportsperson too but not just any sport, he is a darts champion. Darts is a game or sport which is equally rewarding as other sports, but it is to be observed and believed that many still doubt pursuing darts as a career. But Peter Wright has proven everyone wrong. He is a standing brand currently in the sporting industry.

Peter Wright recently showcased his talent PDC World Championship. He was expected to lose the final against Michael Smith with a bad start. He was losing the tournament final, but he made a magnificent comeback to win the world title. Peter won his second world champion title for the sport. He is currently second in the world ranking. Since he started his career, he has been immensely inspirational as well as rational. His rationality is impeccable and often a topic of discussion to the experts. He has taken many difficult decisions in his life, but he has always come back to prove the critiques wrong with his amazing performances.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright in action

Peter Wright’s Life and Work

Peter Wright had a very mixed emotional life as of yet. He was born on the 10th of March 1970 in Scotland. He was born to a 16-year-old single mother who was protective about him. So much that she took him and shifted to England. He had a smooth and fair childhood where he was largely inspired by Cliff Lazarenko, Jocky Wilson, and Eric Bristow on television in the early ’80s. He used to practice and throw darts on the tree because his mother could afford to buy them for him. And even took darts set as presents on birthdays. Peter went all out on his practice and steadily built his skill tree with loads of practice.

Peter Wright Animated

Peter Wright and his quirky style

Ultimately he was initially sent into the darts circuit in England. One of the most important turns of his life is when he decided to represent Scotland and not England. Initially, Peter enrolled and competed in competitions like the 1995 BDO World Darts Championship, the 2005 UK Open, Grand Slam of Darts, and many more. But he couldn’t win the tournaments. It was his wife Joanne who supported and boosted him to hunt and chase success more passionately. Which is working wonders for the 51-year-old at the world competitive stages currently.

Peter Wright’s Net Worth

Peter Wright is now one of the strongest competitors in the world darts circuit. Currently sitting in second on the world darts ranking. He is said to be having a net worth of near about £3.3 million. His wages are not disclosed, but then the winnings from the championships count the loads. His recent brand deals, sponsorships, and championship winnings power up to the current net worth. Also, in the world ranking, he is number two, but he only needs £15,000 more to take over the number one Gerwyn Price. His assets and property details are pretty much kept under the radar. But it is to be believed that there is a fair amount of other deals which is personal to him and is quietly dealt with discernment.

Personal Life

Peter wright has been a flamboyant person since his childhood. His flamboyance is often measured by his quirky hairstyle and his nickname ‘Snakebite’. Many had numerous judged reasoning behind the nickname, but it was cleared out by him that it is only because of Peter’s love for snakes. Yes, Peter Wright has a soft corner for snakes. His fascination with snakes has often been flaunted on social media by his friends and family. But just like his playstyle, his quirk is very much appreciated by the fans and everyone else who follows him. Also, Peter is aware that he is inspiring a lot of people for darts and success in general.

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