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What is Peter Dante Net Worth? Career and Personal Life

peter dante
peter dante

Peter Dante has been in the news recently for his arrest. This also called for a reveal of what is Peter Dante’s net worth? American actor and comedian Peter Dante, who is also a friend of Adam Sandler, has been a part of many movies from Happy Madison Production. Also, the actor has starred in movies like ‘Little Nicki,’ ‘Grandma’s Boy,’ ‘Big Daddy,’ ‘The Waterboy,’ and more. In fact, in most of his roles, he has played alongside Sandler.

Dante is not only famous for being a comedian and actor, but he is also a musician and songwriter. He is part of ‘Rad Omen,’ a music band. Did you know the band composed and released their famous song ‘Rad Anthem’ in 2010? The other members of the band are Dirt Nasty, DJ troublemaker Steven Laing, and Benji Madden.

When in college, PPeter played football and lacrosse. He graduated from Hofstra University and did a year of post-graduation in Fork Union Military Academy. But he isn’t just a sports enthusiast, and he has also been a lacrosse coach to many teams. He has coached the Riptide Lacrosse team, which made it to the state championship.

peter dante

Peter Dante

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What is Peter Dante’s net worth?

Peter Dante’s net worth is $10 million. The comedian turned actor is worth a lot. Besides being an actor, he is also a musician, songwriter, and producer. It can be said that these roles also raise his net worth.



Little Nicky

Peter Dante was a part of many comedy movies. Also, he played those roles alongside his co-star and friend Adam Sandler. He played the role of Peter in ‘Little Nicky’. During the 2000s, ‘ Little Nicky’ was released in the U.S. The plot of the story was that Devil’s son Nicki has a brother who is trying to create hell on Earth. Nicki’s task is to stop him and rescue his father, who is growing weaker. The movie earned $39.4 million at the box office in the U.S, and worldwide it summed up to $58 million.

The Waterboy

In ‘the Waterboy, ‘ Peter plays the role of Dante, who torments Robert (Adam Sandler). Robert is a waterboy for the football team. But one day, an incident occurs on the field, and the coach realizes Robert’s potential. Soon Robert is a big star who is scoring wins for his team. ‘Waterboy’ was released in 1998. Despite the production price being low, the movie on the box office made a collection of $190 million.

50 first date

Henry (Adam Sandler), who is portrayed as a casanova who cannot be in a relationship with anyone for a long time, finally falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore), who has short-term memory loss. So ’50 first date’ is a romantic comedy released in 2004. Here, Peter plays the role of a security guard in the movie. Also, the movie made $198 million at the box office.

I pronounce you Chuck and Larry

In this movie, Peter plays the role of a firefighter. In ‘I pronounce you Chuck and Larry’, Two straight best friends pretend to be gay to get the benefits on an insurance form. The movie was released in 2007 and is rated 5.9 out of 10 on IMDb. They made $186 million (approx) on the box office collection.

Peter Dante was part of many other iconic movies like ‘Mr. Deeds’, ‘Grandma’s boy,’ ‘Strange Wilderness,’ ‘That’s my Boy,’ ‘Big Daddy,’ and ‘Grown Ups 2’.

Musician, Writer, and Producer

Peter Dante is also a Musician. He plays in the music band ‘Rad Omen’. First, the music band released ‘Rad Anthem’ in 2010. Then, it released ‘Losing Tonight’ in 2012. Also, he has recorded music with Adam Sandler and Buck Simmonds.

Peter was the writer and producer of the movie ‘Grandma’s boy’. He also played the role of Dante in the movie.

Rad Anthem

Rad Anthem

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Peter Dante’s family

Peter Dante was born in 1968 in Connecticut, U.S. Dante’s was born to Anthony Dante and Joan Dante. He is an actor, musician, writer, and producer. Even being 52 years old, Peter Dante’s net worth is $10 million. Besides, he has been a part of the acting industry since 1994.

peter with sons

Peter with Jake and Lucas Dante

Cynthia Pett-Dante is Peter’s wife. Cynthia is a manager and producer. They have two children together. Their names are Jake Dante and Lucas Dante.

Peter was reported on 15th September by his neighbor to the police. According to the story, Dante was troubled by the construction noises coming from his neighbor’s house. Hence, Dante went over and threatened to kill his neighbor and hurt his kid and wife. As the police arrived, he was immediately arrested.

In 2013, the actor used racial slurs against an employee of the hotel J.W. Marriott. Therefore he was kicked out of the hotel and is not welcome there anymore. Peter was accused of using the N-word while addressing the employee.

arrested for threatening neighbour

Peter Dante

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