What Is Pardison Fontaine’s Net Worth? How Much Does The Songwriter Earn?

pardison fontaine net worth
Pardison Fontaine

Pardison Fontaine’s net worth is a trending topic nowadays, now that the news has broken that he’s Megan Thee Stallion’s new fiance. Let’s learn more about Pardison Fontaine, who has had a long career in music prior to his romance with the “Savage” singer. Jordan, on the other hand, Kyle Lanier Thorpe, better known by his stage name Pardison Fontaine, is an American rapper and lyrics writer who was born in Newburgh, New York. He received a lot of praise for his 2018 hit “Backin It Up,” which featured Cardi B. It also charted at number fourty on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. He’s a rapper with a lot of energy. He usually favors the East Coast Rap style, which is always in trend.

Pardison Fontaine was born in Newburgh, New York, on December 29, 1989. Pardison’s gravelly voice can be heard in a number of songs, ranging from Backin’ It Up to Shea Butter and Rodman. Offset, Jadakiss, Cardi B, and others have collaborated with the rapper. The majority of Pardison’s musical career has been spent as a ghostwriter. But it’s possible that 2021 will be his year to shine. Pardison Fontaine is a name synonymous with skill and a model of commitment, consistency, and hard work. His faith in himself and his willingness to risk everything he has only to pursue one passion has shaped who he is today. Continue reading to learn more about him.

What Is Pardison Fontaine’s Net Worth?

Pardison is making a fair living as a result of his professional career. Fontaine’s net worth is predicted to be in the $800,000 range as of 2022. He appears to be a wealthy singer based on his net worth. In addition, marketing and sponsorships bring in a handsome profit for Pardison. Fontaine is also able to amass such a large number of money thanks to his long-standing success as an American rapper and singer.

pardison fontaine net worth
Pardison Fontaine

As a result of his work, Pardison has earned a name and a reputation. Because of the money he receives from his career, he and his family are currently living a joyful and lavish life. In the coming days, Pardison Fontaine’s net worth and annual salary would definitely rise. His social media profiles have been a big source of revenue for him, in addition to his earnings from solo songs and ghost-writing for numerous celebrities’ songs and contracts with musical firms.

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Pardison Fontaine Career, Award, and Recognition:

He discovered his affinity for music at a young age and resolved to pursue it at all costs. He wrote and performed his first freestyle in seventh grade. Pardison put forth a lot of effort and continued to practice many forms of music in order to be the finest of them all. After a long wait, he debuted his musical career in August 2015 with the release of his very first mixtape, “Not Supposed to Be Here.” Following that, he released two songs in 2016 titled “Black History Month” and “Woooa,” as well as five more singles in 2017.

He collaborated on a number of additional songs with other well-known rappers and vocalists. He even contributed to Kanye West’s eighth studio album, ‘Violent Crimes,’ as a co-writer on a couple of songs. All of this success, however, fell short of his expectations until he released the hit song “Backin’ It Up” in 2018, which he co-wrote with Cardi B, a prominent female rapper. It became a huge hit in a short period of time. With the publication of his new studio album, “UnderBed,” in the previous few years, his career graph has surged. Despite being nominated for the Grammy Award multiple times, he won it twice for his work to “Savage Remix” as Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

pardison fontaine net worth
Pardison Fontaine With Stallion

What Songs Has Pardison Fontaine Written?

Pardison Fontaine is not only a rapper in his own right, but he’s also penned hit songs for some of today’s most successful performers. Pardison wrote the songs Bickenhead, Bodak Yellow, Be Careful, Get Up 10, I Like It, Money Bag, and others for Cardi B. Kanye West’s All Mine, Ghost Town, and Yikes were also written by Pardison. Megan Thee Stallion has also performed songs that her new lover has written. Pardison wrote both of her big hits, Savage and WAP. South of the Border by Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello, as well as DJ Snake’s Taki Taki, were both written by Pardison Fontaine.

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