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What Is Overhaul Quirk of Kai Chisaki In My Hero Academia

What is Overhaul Quirk - Fights and All Details
Fused Overhaul

From when My Hero Academia Manga began, we have seen the U.A. students fight out various criminals. Nevertheless, these fights either were interrupted by one of the stronger heroes or were villains who weren’t that big of a match for them. But this wasn’t the case for My Hero Academia Season 4, where we see the UA students sprout out as provisional heroes. I’m the duration of Season 4, Izuku, along with his friends, took part in hero work internships. During this, Izuku gets acclimated under All Might’s former sidekick, Sir Nighteye. As he starts working with his upper-class man Mirio Togata ‘Lemillion,’ they find a little girl named Eri. It was only moments later that they encountered the Yakuza member Kai Chisaki aka Overhaul. This article will discuss, What Quirk does Overhaul use?

Kai Chisaki first appeared at the end of My Hero Academia Season 3 as he got introduced as the antagonist for the next season. Earlier, the intriguing part about him was his appearance tagged along with a plague mask. But the buzz among fans only rose as we found out more about his terrifying quirk. If things weren’t bad enough, his status only added to his ominous presence. Japan has been known for its Yakuza, and Kai Chisaki was the captain of Shie Hassaikai, a Yakuza filled with Quirk users. and in the “Shie Hassaikai Arc,” he starts making his move as he seeks to stop the plague known as ‘Hero.’

What is Overhaul Quirk?

What is Overhaul Quirk - Fights and All Details

First Encounter with Overhaul

Kai Chisaki is known for using the quirk called Overhaul. Kai Chiskai is much more focused on his mission as a Yakuza captain than his role as a villain. Therefore it seems that he did not give much thought to his villain name by simply naming it after his quirk. “Overhaul” is Chisaki’s ability to disassemble and reassemble anything that he comes in contact with. This disassembling and reassembling occurs at a molecular structural level. Moreover, this can only be done if Chisaki comes in direct contact with the target, i.e., his hand must touch the target. While Chisaki can disassemble and reassemble anything, the fearful part is him leaving some living being disassembled. While this threat does exist, Chisaki can even make use of his “reassemble” part of the Quirk to heal someone. He can reconstruct someone biologically to a perfect state, free from any injuries or ailments.

It is known that the deconstruction part of Chisakei’s quirk is quite painful, and that is why he’s using it carelessly is viewed as a crime. But his quirk is not completely concentrated on just disassembling and reassembling as he can manipulate his quirk’s functioning to perform fusion as well. He can deconstruct two objects while reassembling them together on a biological level. Using this, Chisaki can even upgrade himself by fusing with someone else. His quirk is not just effective on living beings but non-living beings as well. By taking advantage of this, he can even change any terrain or surrounding to his advantage. This could be seen throughout his fights in Shie Hassaikai Arc. Moreover, this deconstruction and reconstruction occur in an instant, in the shapes that he desires. Therefore, for Chisaki, every battle terrain is a weapon as well.


Overhaul after Fusion with Shie Hassaikai Members

If we go over the fusion, Overhaul makes use of his quirk to fuse multiple living or non-living things together. He merges the two desired objects or beings by holding them using separate hands. He can make use of this unique ability to create something new or just add an extra upgrade to one of the beings or things. In the fight against the heroes, Chisaki fuses with Shin Nemoto to add two more arms to his arsenal. He gets spiked claws along with black fabric over his face as Overhaul uses his quirk to fuse fully with his subordinate. Considering that Shin’s mouth appears through Chisakei’s hand, it is presumed that Shin’s consciousness was still present within him. A bit later, Chisaki fuses with Rikiya Katsukame too. With this fusion, Kai’s lower body fuses with a monstrous stone structure while his upper body lies within it.

Does Overhaul Quirk have any Weakness?

What is Overhaul Quirk - Fights and All Details

Overhaul ambushed on the way o prison by the League of Villains.

Overhaul’s Weakness is that his quirk can only be activated when his hands are in direct contact with the target. This means that if his hands were rendered useless, he wouldn’t be able to activate his quirk. Another weakness that falls under the above-mentioned weakness is that Chisaki should be the one contacting the target and not through a chain reaction. This means that if Target A and Target B are in contact with one another, and Chisaki touches Target A, he cannot activate his quirk on Target B as well.

This is also the case for non-living things, where cracks in terrain disallow Chisaki to gain control over a larger area. At the end of Shie Hassaikai Arc, we see how the League of Villains led by Shigaraki takeover the vehicle carrying Chisaki to cut his hands off. This does not mean that Chisaki has lost his quirk, but only that he will be unable to use it.

Why Does Chisaki Choose to Wear a Plague Mask?

Kai Chisaki has mysophobia, which is the extreme fear of dirt or decontamination. Due to this, Chisaki chooses to wear a plague mask. This mask isn’t just his way of revolt with the idea of contaminating oneself, but he does so to not breathe the same air as others. His obsession with cleanliness is at an intolerant level where he wears the mask accompanied by a built-in air filter. He does not want his body to come in contact with any germs; that is one of the reasons he chooses to wear a jacket itself. He hates unsanitary acts to such a level that he hates touching people, only keeping the contact strictly for using his quirk. Otherwise, Chisaki is known to wear gloves to avoid any possible contamination. He has been doing this for a long time as we see a flashback of him wearing a black face mask.

Overhaul’s Plague Mask

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How does Overhaul Quirk come into use for Chisaki’s Mission?

Kai Chisaki’s main objective as Shie Hassaikai’s Yakuza Captain is to rid the world of the plague called “Heroism.” Chisaki has an ideology like Hero Killer Stain, who believes that the formation of Heroes was a mistake. But unlike Stain, who did believe there were true heroes too who do good to help others, Chisaki doesn’t see any merit. There was an old theory that suggests that Quirks were derived from rats. Before this, Quirks supposedly didn’t exist. Therefore, Chisaki believes that Heroism and Villainy are just parts of a plague that should be gotten rid of, bringing the world back to normalcy. For this, he makes use of Eri’s Quirk. Eri’s Rewind Quirk allows her to rewind an individual to its previous state. This includes age, injuries, bodily modifications, etc. The quirk is so powerful that it can even rewind someone to the point of no existence.

Eri, who was the granddaughter of Chisaki’s boss, is kept under his care. And during this, he realizes how Eri’s quirk can be used as an ingredient to fuel his mission. Therefore to conduct experiments, Chisaki would extract DNA samples from Eri by disassembling her body. Later to which he would reassemble her remains back to life. The point to be noted is that this process is very painful, and while doing so, Chisaki is conducting Body Mutilation. He then makes use of her DNA samples to create a special ingredient for a drug. This drug was capable of reversing someone’s Quirk Factor, deeming them Quirkless.

What is Overhaul Quirk - Fights and All Details

Eri Chan

How did Chisaki end up here?

Previously, Kai Chisaki was a young street child who was taken by the Yakuza Boss Man. As he had saved him from starvation and miserable life, Chisaki was grateful to him and always wanted to repay him for the kindness he showed. For this, he started creating the Quirk Erasure Bullets by making use of Eri. But the Boss found Chisaki’s methods alarmingly unethical and sociopathic. Therefore he wanted him to stop. Even though Chisaki considered his boss an exception to his ideologies against quirks, he started to believe that his father was a fool to have such a mindset. So, he decides to make him ill so that he becomes the Yakuza Boss and conducts his experiments without any interference. These Quirk Erasure Bullets were to be later sold in the Black Market.

All Overhaul Fights

Overhaul vs. Team Reservoir Dogs

This is not really a fight but an encounter of Overhaul with the Team Reservoir Dogs. Team Reservoir Dogs is a band of four criminals who conduct a daylight robbery stealing a Cash register from a convenience store. During this, they even manage to defeat a Pro Hero. While they try to get away, they are attacked by Overhaul. Overhaul disassembles them, but as he leaves, he reassembles them. As it happens, Team Reservoir Dogs realize that they were cured of all their chronic health problems.

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Overhaul vs. League of Villains

What is Overhaul Quirk - Fights and All Details

Shigaraki and Overhaul

During an encounter between Shie Hassaikai and the League of Villains, Tomura asks Chisaki to leave. But triggered by Chisaki’s words, Magne decides to attack him. Overhaul simply removes his glove to touch her with his index finger, thus exploding her torso using his quirk. The League of Villains is shocked as they stand wary of Overhaul’s Quirk while Chisaki argues that she was the first one to attack him. But despite Tomura’s warning, Mr. Compress decides to attack Overhaul.

He is quickly shot by a Quirk Erasure Bullet by Chronostasis, who sat waiting at the roof of the warehouse. But before Compress realizes this, he ends up touching Overhaul, to which he reacts in his germaphobe response, asking him not to touch him. In retaliation to the touch, Overhaul decides to blow his head away. Just as Tomura decides to Decay Overhaul, he makes use of a human shield to leave the encounter in a stalemate.

Overhaul & Chronostasis vs. Lemillion

Lemillion punches Overhaul

Overhaul starts the fight as he manipulates the floor to attack Lemillion and Eri. He doesn’t care if he ends up getting Eri as he can always heal her later. Meanwhile, Chronostasis tries to shoot a Quirk Erasure Bullet at Mirio. But he causes his aim to fail to make use of his cape. He covers Eri with the cake to go attack Chronostasis head-on. He manages to knock him down using an uppercut. Overhaul heads to attack Eri when Lemillion again manages to defend her using a right uppercut. Just then, Chronostasis drags his body to reach the gun and shoot Eri. He knew that Lemillion would try to protect her. As he shoots, Lemillion comes in between the Quirk Erasure Bullet to render him quirkless.

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Overhaul vs. Sir Nighteye Squad

What is Overhaul Quirk - Fights and All Details

Sir Nighteye on the brink of Death

Deku, Sir Nighteye, and Eraserhead arrive at the battle scene as Deku and Eraserhead go after Overhaul. During this, Sir, Nighteye tries to protect Mirio and Eri. While Eraserhead erases Chisaki’s quirk, he is attacked by Chronostasis, making him close his eye. This leads to Overhaul being free to use his quirk as he decides to fuse with Nemoto. While he does so, he gains additional limbs plus increased vitality. This causes a drastic upgrade for Overhaul, who takes the upper hand in the fight. Sir Nighteye identifies this as he decides to switch places with Deku. Deku takes Mirio and Eri to safety while Sir Nighteye fights Overhaul. During Overhaul’s fight with Sir Nighteye, he identifies the similarity between him and Mirio. Therefore it makes him angry enough to pierce him through his manipulations of the floor. Deku takes Sir Nighteye’s place while Uravuty looks after Sir Nighteye.

Overhaul vs Deku & Eri

What is Overhaul Quirk - Fights and All Details

Deku at One For All 100% Full Cowling

Overhaul tries to flee with Eri when she activates her quirk to rewind Chisaki back to his original form. She jumps to Deku as he catches her. Overhaul sends over a bunch of attacks as he returns it with Full Cowling-Shoot Style. Then Overhaul fuses with an unconscious body of Katsumake, as Deku has Eri holding onto him. While she does so, Deku realizes that he is able to use One For All at a higher percentage. He wraps Eri behind him with Mirio’s cape to have her cling on to him as he fights Overhaul. Deku makes use of One For All at 100% as Eri’s Quirk keep healing the recursing damages. Deku realizes that he should be able to defeat Overhaul if he doesn’t give him enough time to heal. He does that very thing as he sends over a barrage of punches to defeat Overhaul.

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