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What is The Famous Rapper Mellow Rackz’s Real Name?

Who is Mellow Rackz, and what is her real name? In today’s article, we will know about Mellow Rackz. Mellow Rackz is an American singer and rapper. She has gained popularity for her music and talent. But mostly, she is famous because of her relationship with Kodak Black. Kodak is one of the most popular and controversial rappers of all time. There have been several allegations against him. Kodak and Mellow got engaged after Kodak was released from jail. He was accused of carrying unlicensed arms across the Canada-USA border, where he got arrested.

At the beginning of the year, Mellow became a hot topic as she got engaged to Kodak. Apart from this, she leads a very high profile lifestyle which she has achieved from the concerts and the music she has made. Currently, she stays in Miami, Florida. She is gaining love and fame and soon might come into the limelight for her music. To know more about Mellow Rackz and her real name, keep following the article.

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What is Mellow Rackz’s Real Name?

It is very much possible that Mellow Rackz is not the real name of the rapper. It is confusing because she is not that vocal about her personal life. Judging by the stage name, there is a high chance that her real name could be Melody. She also has a tattoo on her left hand which, has the name Nancy which can also be her real name. She has an Instagram account with more than 200 thousand followers. You can follow her at @mellowrackz.

What is Mellow Rackz's Real Name?

Aspiring rapper Mellow Rackz.

Mellow Rackz Personal Life

Mellow is a 19-year-old American rapper and rising star. She currently stays in Miami, Florida. According to her Instagram handle, her birthday was on September 4. As it is unofficial and no other relevant information is available, we can’t confirm it yet. She originates from Haiti, but she stays in the US. The identities of her parents are still unknown. There were pictures of a small baby boy who might be her son. He was seen in a penguin costume on Halloween.

What is Mellow Rackz's Real Name?

Baby Picture of Mellow Rackz.

Being a huge car enthusiast, she owns a green Lambo and re Corvette, which she got as a gift. She also collets luxury watches. She has a collection of top-tier watches from Rolex to Patek Phillipe. Mellow’s main source of income comes from the music that she makes and also from the concerts snd the stage performances she does. She leads a lavish lifestyle with her income and stays covered with gold and diamonds. She also has many endorsements from which she gets paid. Apart from these, she is also a social media influencer.

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Relationship With Kodak Black

Mellow Rackz is most popular for her relationship with the 24-year-old rapper Kodak Black. After Kodak got released from jail in February 2021, he started dating Mellow. Soon after, the fans were shocked as Kodak proposed to mellow, and she accepted it. They got engaged on February 18, 2021. Both of them were seen together in a picture where Mellow was wearing the engagement ring.

“Might as well marry me Mellody, I Love u,” was the message that the airplane had, which was arranged by Kodak for the proposal. It was pretty romantic and lavish. Mellow shared a snap of that on her Instagram, which said, “I said yes” with a heart emoji. Soon after the engagement, Mellow wrote Mrs. Capri on her Instagram. She posted a video on her social media where the rapper proposed to her with a Diamond ring, and she said yes.

Kodak Black Girlfriend

Kodak and Mellow together on their engagement day

But there were many controversies regarding this relationship. The fans alleged Kodak to have been seen with other women after the engagement. Mellow was also accused of breaking up with her former partner on Valentine’s day to be with the rapper. But their engagement didn’t last long. It seems that Mellow has deleted all her pictures with Kodak from her Instagram handle.

Music Career

Mellow is an aspiring rapper. Till now, she has only released two singles named “Right Now” with Icewear Vezzo and “Diamonds”. Both of them were released in 2021. You can listen to them on Spotify. She is just 19 years and has achieved a lot, but she won’t stop here.

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