What is Malu Trevejo’s Net Worth? Earnings of The Singer

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Malu Trevejo
Malu Trevejo

In today’s world, one needs to showcase one’s talent/s regularly. It is all about marketing and the gimmicks which you can transform into profit for yourself. There are numerous platforms available to show the world what one is capable of. The space for a talented person is always kept reserved for a beat of respect and especially when the world is such competitive. The current social media fanatic generation are not only fans of it. Now everyone wants a spotlight on themselves, and the deserving ones get it done within a few seconds. Thanks to social media platforms, people are getting the medium to portray their true range of talent. Malu Trevejo is one such girl who has climbed up the ladders of competition and judgment to make it to what they are now. And it is down to some serious business already; check Malu Trevejo’s Net Worth.

It is not always a person who makes it to the top of the world of entertainment. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to land one’s first big break. But due to the beautiful and accessible world of social media, everything and every dream are possible. Malu Trevejo has made it big now. But her life has a story too. Questions have been put up about her being a mere 19 year old. Also, her being called out as ‘just a phase’ celebrity. But Malu has kept her head high and maturely moved across platforms and made it big for herself in the industry.

Malu Trevejo
Still from Malu’s Music Video

Who Is Malu Trevejo?

Malu Trevejo has shot into the stream of popularity through social media networks. She is a singer, influencer, Youtuber, and model. She has a huge fan following on Instagram (11 million followers) and has around a substantial amount of posts to flaunt a fully functional account. But her shot to fame was through a platform called Musical.ly. An app for making short videos showcasing one’s talent.

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Her popularity increased through Musical.ly and then eventually landed upon the mainstream business with her first single, “Luna Llena”, the song was a huge hit because of the proper backing up from Universal Music Latin and got around 50 million hits in minimum countable days. The cherry on the top was the single crashing into the Billboard Top 30 Latin Songs charts. Soon, her YouTube channel also was heating up with subscribers and now sits on a whopping 1.47 million subscriber count.

Malu Trevejo's selfie
Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo mainly sings in English-Latin and is popular worldwide. Some of her other notable music videos are HRVY’s “Hasta Luego” and a single “En Mi Mente”. Both the musical piece of art is well decorated with a huge number of hits. Now she is a well-celebrated teenage sensation on the Pop-Charts standards and also to be recognized as one of the rising Latin artists to look out for. She has also signed a contract with Universal Music Latin Entertainment for future collaborations.

Malu Trevejo’s Net Worth

Malu Trevejo has been well placed in the popularity charts. Her tentative net worth is about 1 million dollars. Her primary source of income is her brand endorsements, album sales, guest appearances, modeling projects, and social media influencing. Also, her live concerts or live appearances are of quite a sum. It is very evident that her social media is the number one fishing rod when it comes to fish for music labels and brands. But her talent is not something to write off. Many such other celebrities have given her shoutouts for a prosperous career ahead. It seems like with the support she has already, her life is going to take several leaps into the golden lining of life and fame.

Personal Life

Malu Trevejo is a 19-year-old teenage phenomenon currently trending over the world of social media. She was born on 15th October 2002. She was born in Havana, Cuba. But the family had to move to Spain because of her transferrable job. Though the move to Madrid, Spain did not affect them much since they are of Spanish origin. After spending a good 12 years in Spain, they came shifted to Miami. And then the hardships kicked onto her life. Her schooling was hugely unorthodox, since she was bullied, she was enrolled for homeschooling by her mother.

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Malu Trevejo's Early life
Stills from Malu Trevejo’s Musical.ly Videos

Other than that, her early life and personal life is not much accessible because Malu likes and comes off as a person who keeps it to herself. Which is one of the factors that makes her likable and popular. The never-ending urge to know more about her has kept the fans gripped and breathless for updates. Also, besides anything, her romantic life too has been really secretive other than one such rumor through an Instagram post which gave the nod to news of her dating British rapper Central Cee. Though none of them agreed or denied to any facts.

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