With the new dramas coming soon, fans wonder about Luo Yunxi’s net worth. After all, the Chinese actor has been the talk of the town due to his latest drama, Immortality. Luo Yunxi has made his name in the industry with his excellent acting skills. Not to forget, the actor initially started as an idol. From being a ballet dancer to a singer and finally becoming an actor, Luo Yunxi’s career journey was not an easy ride. Of course, adapting to a new profession is always tough, and Luo Yunxi has overcome each challenge, paving his way to the top.

Chinese singer and actor Luo Yunxi was born on 28 July 1988 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. With his father being a dance teacher, Luo Yunxi has been interested in the same field since his younger days. Therefore before his singer debut, Luo Yunxi worked as an instructor at a dance school. However, sometimes a person’s destiny leads them toward a brighter future, and Luo Yunxi’s fate did the same. Although it was a rollercoaster ride for him, he made it eventually. Therefore, Luo Yunxi’s net worth shows a little glimpse of the challenges he took over the last decade!

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Career Journey – ‘From Ballet Dancer To Actor’

As we mentioned, Luo Yunxi’s future was all about ballet. He was professionally trained in ballet for 11 years. No wonder he is the recipient of various ballet awards. However, his passion took a different road as he debuted in 2010 as a member of the boy group JBOY with the single Promise of Love. Unfortunately, the group didn’t get much exposure, and it eventually disbanded in 2012. Nevertheless, Luo Yunxi continued his singing career and even participated in the singing reality competition show Asian Wave with Double JL as a group. Not long after the competition, the group disbanded, and Luo Yunxi finally made his acting debut in 2014 Hello Aliens.

Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu
Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu From Love is Sweet

Although his early years weren’t easy, Luo Yunxi worked on improving his acting skills. He was cast in My Sunshine, Voice of the Dead, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, A Life Time Love, and many more. However, the 2018 fantasy romance Ashes of Love became a breakthrough drama for Luo Yunxi. He started gaining international fame as he starred in various Chinese dramas such as Princess Silver, And The Winner Is Love, Love Is Sweet, Broker, Lie To Love, etc. Therefore, considering his hard work and rising popularity, it’s not surprising that Luo Yunxi’s net worth calculates in millions of dollars!

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What Is Luo Yunxi’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Luo Yunxi’s net worth is estimated from $3 million to $5 million (approximately). Before becoming an actor, Luo Yuxin is a singer. Therefore, Luo Yunxi’s salary comes from his acting as well as singing career. While he was a member of JBOY3, Luo Yunxi had released various singles. Even after the group’s disbandment, he continued his music career. Until now, Luo Yuxi has released two albums and eight singles, including Endless Summer, Fate Begins, Year of Reunion, etc. Furthermore, his second album, ‘X,’ made a sale of 134,734 yuan. His singles ‘Against the Current’ and ‘Waiting for the Wind to Stop’ brought him the sales of 354,128 yuan and 558,006 yuan, respectively.

Luo Yunxi's Net Worth
Luo Yunxi

Another large part of Luo Yunxi’s net worth is his drama and film shooting. The actor has acted in more than fifteen tv shows and two films. His dramas such as Princess Silver, Love is Sweet, Arcane, Broker brought his a huge fanbase, increasing his popularity even among international fans. Not to forget, Luo Yunxi has also appeared in numerous reality and variety shows, including Happy Camp, Mr. Mossie, Music Showsshowshow, etc. With his rising popularity, there is no doubt actor Luo Yunxi charges thousands of dollars per episode. After all, actors get paid based on their years of experience and popularity.

Therefore, all of his wealth and fame are the results of Luo Yunxi’s efforts and passion. He has proved his worth as an actor by giving us various outstanding acting performances. Even now, fans are looking forward to Luo Yunxi’s upcoming drama series such as Immortality and Til The End Of The Moon. So keep your eyes on the news to know the latest updates.

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