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What is Kink Test on TikTok & Why is it Getting Popular?


TikTok is a short video-making application originated in China by the company named ByteDance in the year 2016. The application rolled out for the world in 2017 through apple iOS and Android. The application received a huge response from every part of the world, making it one of the highest-grossing apps available on the internet. It became the biggest application to use for the sake of entertainment. Not only for the purpose of entertainment, but TikTok also serves various other purposes as well. It is used for education and for marketing as well. Along with this, TikTok serves as a great source of income. People making videos and uploading their content on the platform are paid on the basis of their followers count and their ‘like’ counts.

The TikToker with great and unique content will be over dozens of other contributors. This makes the salary and other factors desirable. For the purpose of popularity, these TikTokers also need to follow the latest trends on the platform. Various trends are on-air throughout the week, some being hilarious and some being disrespectful, as well. Some of these trends are the Amazon leggings trend, the strawberry dress trend, and the Venom tattoo trend.

The latest ongoing trend on the short video-making application is the Kink Test. Many of us still don’t know what this trend is all about and how to follow this trend. Thus, this article will focus on what the trend is all about and will make sure to clear some of the questions related to the usage and purpose of this trend.

What is Kink test on TikTok?

We all come across dozens of tests online for knowing more about our personalities and moods and whatnot. There is a quiz and test for each and everything possible, available on the internet. Be it the personality test, or the mood tracking test, or what sort of career will be suitable for us test. And now TikTok has come over all of these tests with a test of its own, becoming a trending topic nowadays. The test is named Kink Test. The Kink test has been going on the trend for almost a week now, hitting the top positions on the charts.

Kink Test is one of the popular trends of TikTok.

What is this test all about? Well, the TikTok Kink test offers multiple-choice questions in a few pages, disclosing the simpler results instead of the in-depth ones. The test is also known as the BDSM test which opens up the level of freak-o-leek you are. This test describes your taste and preferences in being a kink. It offers few questions based on intimacy, dominance, etc. And the best part of this test, according to a few TikTokers is that you can filter out some questions if you don’t require them.

It tells you the level of kinkiness you belong to. It requires you to fill up a few details about yourself like name, age, sexual orientation, and language. Then you need to choose the length of the quiz, whether short or long and there you can also filter out some questions (if one wants). And the quiz begins! A series of questions appear on the screen to which you have to either agree or disagree. The simple quiz ends, showcasing the type of kinkiness you desire for.

What more do we know about the Kink test?

Kink Test has become one of the most famous trends on the application called TikTok. It has been widely shared by the users, and the number of users and followers has increased significantly. Many people have been showcasing their results as well to the public. This has become a sort of practice for people all over the world to have some in-depth knowledge about their own likes and dislikes, which are usually shy to accept. Some users also share their experience of this test and whether they are satisfied with the results or not.

Stills from the Kink Test

Some users also have urged that the test is not much helpful in knowing the kinkiness inside them, instead, it brings out the trauma that has rooted inside them through their past experiences. There is an option to take the test anonymously as well, which gives people the right to privacy as well. Whether the test is good or bad purely depends upon the opinions of the users. As of now, the test is very popular, and almost every TikTok user has indulged in it once.

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