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What Is Kim Young Dae’s Net Worth In 2022? How Much Does The ‘Extraordinary You’ Actor Earn?

Kim Young Dae Net Worth 2022
Kim Young Dae's Net Worth

What is Kim Young Dae’s net worth in 2022? Many fans want to know the lead star of Sh**ting Stars earnings. After all, the kdrama has caught viewers’ attention due to its simple rom-com story and the romantic on-screen chemistry between Kim Young Dae and Lee Sung Kyung! Due to his overdramatic but on-the-point acting, he has already become fan-favorite. Furthermore, this drama will be another turning point in Kim Young Dae’s acting career after The Penthouse series.

Actor Kim Young Dae has appeared in various dramas and web series. Initially, he received casting offers for supporting lead roles. However, his growing popularity and improved acting performance have brought him under the limelight. Since it’s only the beginning of his career, Kim Young Dae is climbing a new ladder of success with each passing year. He is even the recipient of the 2021 Brand of the Year Best New Actor Award, KBS Drama Netizen Award, and SBS Drama Best New Actor Award. Therefore, Kim Young Dae’s net worth shows his rising fame and the result of the efforts that he’s been putting in since his debut!

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Who Is Kim Young Dae?

Kim Young Dae was born on 2 March 1996 and is a South Korean actor signed under the agency Outer Korea. Previously he had attended Funday University. But later, he dropped out and enrolled at Digital Seoul Culture Arts University. Although entering the Korean Entertainment Industry was no easy task, he grabbed the opportunity when it knocked on his door. And thus, in 2017, Kim Young Dae made his acting debut in the web drama Secret Crushes: Special Edition. There is no denying that Kim Young Dae is the king of the web series! Until now, he has acted in 12 web dramas.

Kim Young Dae's Net Worth 2022

Kim Young Dae

The two years after his debut Kim Young Dae mainly focused on web shows. However, 2019 became his breakthrough year when he got an offer for a cameo role in Welcome to Waikiki 2 and one of the leading roles for the webtoon-based drama Extraordinary You. How can one even forget that ‘a bad boy fall in love for a good girl’ character Oh Nam Joo from Extraordinary You? That was the first turning point of Kim Young Dae’s acting career. Afterward, he starred in When the Weather Is Fine and Cheat on Me If You Can. And then came his second turning point with revenge thriller The Penthouse series! The Penthouse series led him to a whole new level of success, where he gained a huge international fanbase.

Besides acting, Kim Young Dae also appeared in The First Night and Graduation Tears music videos. He even did a theatre called A Story to Kill in 2017-2018. Furthermore, fans love his acting performance, especially his latest character Gong Tae Sung from Sh**ting Stars! Therefore Kim Young Dae’s net worth increases as he walks toward a brighter future.

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What Is Kim Young Dae’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, actor Kim Young Dae’s net worth is $1.5 million (approximately). It has been more than 5 years since Kim Young Dae debuted. Since we have seen him in various dramas and web series, there is no doubt that Kim Young Dae mostly earns his salary from his acting profession. Until now, Kim Young Dae has appeared in numerous web series such as Secret Crushes: Special Edition, Office Watch 2 and 3, Room of Romance, It’s Okay To Be Sensitive, About Youth, and many more. He has a long web series list, but who can deny his boyish look suits well with those stories’ stars? Besides, Kim Young Dae has starred in numerous kdramas, a major part of his earnings.

Kim Young Dae's Net Worth 2022

Kim Young Dae

Besides the tv series, the actor worked as a narrator in 2021. Furthermore, Kim Young Dae’s charming features make him more attractive, making him a perfect star for music video appearances which he has down twice. He even has done a theatre for a year. Many fans may not know, but Kim Young Dae was selected as International Environment City Seo-gu’s Ambassador in 2021. He even appeared as a muse at the 2022 F/W Paris Collection digital fashion show called ‘SONGZIO.’ It shows that Kim Young Dae’s popularity has grown in recent years. Not to forget, fans are adoring his mischievous character in his new drama Sh**ting Stars. Thus, in the end, Kim Young Dae’s net worth is the fruit of his efforts and dream to become an outstanding actor!

Here, check out Sh**ting Stars trailer-

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