What is Jeffrey Parker’s Net Worth? Is he Dead or Alive?

Jeffrey Parker net worth

One of the most successful and well-known national leaders in transit and transportation, Jeffrey A. Parker, was in transportation for more than 35 years of his life. He was in both the private and public sectors of heading operations, transportation, and expansion programs for so many agencies. He was the CEO of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority in March 2018. Before he joined MARTA, he was Vise President of topmost architecture and engineering consulting firms. He always had leadership qualities that are the reason he was so successful.

Also, he contributes a lot as the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation for approx two years. Other than that, he was also honored as Most Powerful people of 2020 in Atlanta magazine. After knowing his achievements, most of you must be curious about his income. What is Jeffrey Parker’s net worth?

But first, let’s flash some light on his personal life. When we talk about his personal life, he never discloses much about his life. But there a couple of things we got, like his family, where he did his studies. He completes his studies at one of Georgia’s High Schools. For his further higher studies, he pursued Computer Science from Northeastern University in 1989. He is always interested in working with the railways. So he followed his passion and started his internship with Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, which is also known as MBTA. And then there is no stopping in his career. Coming to his family, he never mentioned any of his family members. Is he married or ever had a girlfriend is still a mystery and, unfortunately, remains a mystery. The reason is he is no more.

What is Jeffrey Parker’s Net Worth?

Well, there is no confirmation about Parker’s net worth. But we have an estimated Net worth which is around $851 Thousand dollars. Woah! That sounds perfect. The cherry on the cake is he owns more than 10,000 units of Parker Vision which is worth $330,679. Another good part about his achievements is, more than 16 years sold PRKR stock worth over $21,043. This is not an end, surprisingly there is one more thing you want to know about. He made $499,000 as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Parker Vision.

Jeffrey Parker giving speech
Speech time with Jeffrey Parker

Further, he signed a contract that included appealing for his income increment. In 2017, his net worth was $0.4 Million. In 2018, it was $0.4 Million, and in 2019, $0.5 Million; in 2020, it was $0.6 Million. In 2021, $0.8 Million, and last but not least, in 2022, it was $1 Million. He earned a lot of money his entire after completing his education as the above estimations are proof that the graph of his net income always increases every year.

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Is Jeffrey Parker dead or alive?

Sad but true. Jeffrey Parker, a world-famous businessman, is no more. He died on 14 January 2022. He successfully lived his 55 years of life. But the question is, how did he die so early? Well, everyone is shocked and curious about his reason for death. Unfortunately, he committed suicide. Very shocking, but it is what it is. People are still in shock that how he can commit suicide. This seems unreal how can he kill himself. He had everything in his life. But we can judge anyone’s life based on his success. Life is so uncertain. Anything and everything can happen to anyone. Besides that, the reason why he committed suicide is yet to be revealed. Nothing is mentioned anywhere about the reason why he committed suicide.

Jeffrey Parker
Jeffrey Parker standing in front of the metro.

After hearing the shocking news of Jeffrey’s sudden death, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens passed a statement: He was shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden and tragic death of his friend and colleague Parker. As MARTA’S CEO and General Manager, Jeffrey and he had worked closely together when he chaired the Transportation Committee on City Council. Parker understood that MARTA is more than just a transportation system – it represents connectivity for visitors and residents of their great city and region. His thoughts and prayers are with Jeffery’s family and friends and with the staff and board at MARTA during this very difficult time.

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