What Is Jeff Lutz’s Net Worth? Everything About The 57 Chevrolet Crash

Jeff Lutz Net Worth

Jeff Lutz is a famous American street racer. You may know him from Street Outlaws show which premieres on Discovery Network TV Channel. He is one of the richest car racers of all time! He owns extremely dazzling two 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air together with a twin 98mm Precision turbo. One of his Chevy was wrecked in a nasty crash. The crash was so immense that everyone thought Jeff couldn’t make it, but he survived! With no broken bone (But many hearts who loved Chevy), no serious injury, and a greater image.

Jeff Lutz made a name for himself after he became a proud owner of a Mad Max. The fun fact is that he also owns a 1969 Camaro Pro Mod, commonly referred to as the Mad Max. A person who has such high-end cars must have a heavy pocket, and that is why we shall take a look at Jeff Lutz’s net worth. Now that we’re talking of his possessions, you might as well know this super-racer also has a 2006 Pontiac GTO in his superb collection of cars. Here we will be discussing Jeff Lutz’s net worth in January 2022 and more about him that I believe you SHOULD know.

Jeff Lutz Street Outlaws
Jeff Lutz

Jeff Is An Important Member Of Street Outlaws

Discovery Network’s very popular show Street Outlaws also features Jeff Lutz as a racer. This show is about street racing in Oklahoma city of the USA. Many talented racers participate in the show, including Justin Shearer (Big Chief), Shawn Ellington (Murder Nova), Daddy Dave, and more.

Each member of the cast gets paid between $20,000 to $30,000 per episode of the show ‘Street Outlaws’. The show is on its 17th Season right now, and it aired for the first time in 2013, and since then, it has had a huge fanbase! Gearheads love it!

Jeff Lutz’s Family

Jeff Lutz is married to Christine Lutz in 1989, and the couple has had a son together. Named Jeffrey Jr., Jeff’s son, was once his co-pilot, but later on, he left the position to fulfill his dream of becoming a racer just like his ideal father. Jeff has no dating history to date, and the Lutz family is a small happy family! We wouldn’t be surprised if Jeffrey came out just as excellent as his father in racing. After all, it’s in the blood!

Jeff Lutz Net Worth
Jess Lutz with his wifey Christine Lutz

What Is Jeff Lutz’s Net Worth?

By 2021, Jeff Lutz’s estimated net worth was $3 Billion, but as of now, in January 2022, his net worth is STILL THE SAME! $3 Billion! His financial condition is great due to his profession as a street racer and a TV personality. Jeff Lutz raised an automobile company of his own and has also featured many commercials over the years.

As they say, no successful man has one source of income, Jeff too, keeps himself highly engaged in different money-making activities. As mentioned earlier, he is running his own automobile company, then he is following his passion for car racing, and along with this, he has done several commercials.

Jeff Lutz Cars
Jeff Lutz and The 57 Chevrolet

The 57 Chevrolet Crash

In May 2021, Street Outlaw and its fans witnessed the worst crash that ever occurred in the show. This crash was of Jeff Lutz in his car “The 57” Chevrolet. The 57 was the most beautiful classic racing car of Jeff, and everyone loved it! I really mean EVERYONE!

The crash occurred at the show only, and it was such a huge one that everyone lost hope. The smoke was so high, the speed and the live condition of the car were screaming that Jeff (if alive) was awfully injured. But the car was made so strong, and Jeff developed it so well that he (Jeff, the driver) survived the crash without a single serious injury.

Jeff Lutz did make it from the crash, but “the 57” couldn’t! The yellow beauty was wrecked in such a state that it seemed total trash. However, Jeff was sent to hospital, and he recovered very soon after which he returned to the game with a new toy, his Pontiac GTO. In the meantime, he gave “The 57” to Dennis MacPherson and the team to rebuild.

Worst Car Crashes In Street Outlaws

Achievements To Highlight

Jeff Lutz is among the best car racers from the Street Outlaws, but it isn’t just that! He has also been honored with the Drag Week King title. He won HotRod Magazine’s Drag Week in 2014. Since then, he has been a star. It was his smartness that brought him so much fame and wealth as Jeff chose to make his passion his career because there are only two ways to succeed. You either love what you do or do what you love!


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