What Is James Prince’s Net Worth? All About His Earnings & Notable Career

James Prince Net Worth

Here, we will discuss what James Prince’s net worth is. What do we know about the music executive’s notable career, which led to a massive monetary income? Starting from the basics, James L Smith serves as the chief executive officer of the record label, Rap-A-Lot, which is based in Houston. He has also sung a few singles like I Need Luv and Tru Blu.  Little did you know, he is also a music promoter. Besides his work, he has gained massive popularity by introducing the rapper Drake to Lil Wayne and getting him signed to Young Money Entertainment. Throughout his career, James has been associated with several record labels like Virgin, Fontana RED, Asylum, etc.

Knowing so many things about the artist’s noteworthy career, fans are interested to learn about James Prince’s Earnings. Serving as the CEO of the record label to his musical promotions, he has believed to have gained a lump sum amount of money to date. With a part of his income, he has invested in real estate and owns a huge range of cars in his garage. For more details about James Prince’s net worth, I would highly recommend you to read this article to the end.

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What Is James Prince’s Net Worth?

When it comes to his monetary accumulations, James Prince’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $45 million. The major portion of his income comes from James being a successful and renowned music executive. We already know him to be highly associated with several record labels, from which he earned well.

James Prince's Net Worth
James Prince

Talking about his wealth, James Prince lives in a house in Los Angeles. It is worth a million dollars and comes with five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, and also an outside fireplace. He has purchased several other houses in different parts of the world. Besides this, he owns a Mercedes Benz too. Several other branded cars are owned by him, but the list is yet to be updated. When it’s money, James respects that a lot. The reason is he has struggled quite hard to achieve this success. He has always believed in himself and continued working hard without the intention of earning money but to excel more in what he does, his passion. The money would eventually come, believed by him. J.Prince serves as an inspiration to a lot of people. His hard work has paid off!

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Notable Career

Besides knowing James Prince’s net worth, fans are curious to learn the sources that is his career. Born on 31 October 1964, he is currently 57 years old at present. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas, United States. You may follow him up on his Instagram account, having more than 739K followers at present. J.Prince often posts pictures of him highlighting his career. Not to forget to mention his Twitter account, which has 9,804 followers at present.

James Prince's Net Worth
James Prince

He started working as a disc jockey and later changed his name to J. Prince. He released his first single, Victory, which gained a handsome number of listeners. In 2001, his song Ain’t Nuthin’ But A She Thing made him quite famous. Throughout his last 35 years, James Prince has promoted various rappers, including Bushwick Bill, Big Mike, Scarface, etc. In brief, because of his versatility in the industry, he is considered the Houston icon.

One of the best highlights of his career includes Hip Hop Honors Award (2010). He has been the recipient of this because of his creative contributions and other charity ventures. Artists like Timbaland, Slick Rick, and Master P we’re also there at the show. Also, Houston Mayor Bill White and the City Council honored him in 2017. Talking more about it, James has built a community center in his 5th Ward neighborhood. The aim is to help people to excel more in their lives.

Best Wishes to James Prince for the upcoming days of his career! Hoping he earns more success and fame in the future.

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