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What Is Ha Sung Woon’s Net Worth In 2022? How Much Does The Former Member Of ‘Wanna One’ Earn?

Ha Sung Woon's Net Worth 2022
Ha Sung Woon's Net Worth 2022

What is Ha Sung Woon’s net worth in 2022? The soloist has become the center of attention with his latest release La La Pop! and Our Blue OST ‘With You’ (with BTS Jimin). Fans wonder how much the former member of Wanna One, Ha Sung Woon, earns now. However, no matter what he earns it’s hard to catch up with his accomplishments. At various times, he has proven how wonderful a singer he is. Not to forget, Ha Sung Woon also works as a songwriter and has given us diverse melodies such as Remember You, Lonely Night, Sneakers, Electrified, and many more. 

The South Korean soloist Ha Sung Woon was born on 22 March 1994. His dream of becoming a singer began way back in the time. While he was already part of the Kpop industry, he continued his education. Ha Sung Woon attended Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts, majoring in K-pop Performance. He has been active since 2014 while working continuously to improve his music. Furthermore, Ha Sung Woon is the recipient of numerous awards such as the 29th Seoul Music Dance Award, 3rd Soribada Best K-Music Award, and 2020 Korea First Brand Male Solo Artist Awards, etc. Therefore, considering such a strong music career, it’s not surprising that Ha Sung Woon’s net worth tallies in millions!

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His Career Journey- ‘From HOTSHOT To Wanna One To Soloist’

As we mentioned, Ha Sung Woon started his career in 2014 by debuting with HOTSHOT. However, things changed in 2017 as he and another member of HOTSHOT, Roh Tae Hyun, represented their company in the Mnet’s reality show Produce 101 Season2. Eventually, Ha Sung Woon received 790,302 votes and became the last member of the project kpop group Wanna One formed under YMC Entertainment. And that’s the moment when his life turned in a new direction. Although he was still a member of HOTSHOT, Wanna One brough him under the limelight, increasing his fanbase. 

Ha Sung Woon's Net Worth

Ha Sung Woon

While working for both groups, Ha Sung Woon gave his best shots. He improved his singing techniques, songwriting skills, and even dance moves. With such a broad exposure, Ha Sung Hoon eventually released his first solo EP, My Moment, in 2019. In the same year, he and other members of Wanna One performed their last activity before disbandment. Later in 2021, his first group, HOTSHOT, also disbanded. However, the singer didn’t give up on his dream! He prevailed and worked on his passions, and currently, he is working as a soloist. 

With his outstanding vocal and excellent songwriter, Ha Sung Woon has made his name in the Kpop industry. He has dropped EPs such as BXXX, Twilight Zone, and Mirage, which did very well on the Gaon Music Chart. The soloist also appeared in different shows and sang various drams’ OST, which brought him more fame. Recently, Ha Sung Woon and BTS member Jimin sang Our Blues OST ‘With you.’ Therefore, Ha Sung Woon’s wealth, earnings, and fame are the outcomes of his effort and passion for his music!

Here, check out Our Blues OST ‘With You’-

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What Is Ha Sung Woon’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Ha Sung Woon’s net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million. Ha Sung Woon’s earnings must come from his music career. After all, the soloist has a long history of being a kpop singer and songwriter. Before starting his solo career, Ha Sung Woon was a member of popular kpop groups Wanna One and HOTSHOT. Both groups were fairly famous among domestic as well as international fans. Therefore, he has contributed so much to his singing career. So far, Ha Sung Woon has released 7 EPs (My Moment, Sneakers, You, etc.) and various singles, including The Story of December and La La Pop! 

Ha Sung Woon's Net Worth

Ha Sung Woon

Besides the solo work, Ha Sung Woon has also given his voice to various Korean drama OSTs, such as Her Private Life OST ‘Think of You,’ The King: Eternal Monarch OST ‘I Fall In Love,’ etc. Ha Sung Woon also collaborated with his long-lasting friend BTS’s Park Jimin for Our Blues OST ‘With You.’ He also tried a new to express himself and participated in a theater called Midnight Sun. Furthermore, the soloist appeared as a guest and host in more than 10 television shows such as King of Masked Singer, Radio Star, Midnight Idol, We Play both Season 1 and 2, and Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, etc. 

Despite all challenges, the soloist continues moving forward. Therefore, no matter what Ha Sung Woon’s net worth calculates, it is the fruit of his hard work. So don’t forget to shower Ha Sung Woon with a lot of love and stream his recent singles La La Pop! and With You.

Here, check out Ha Sung Woon’s La La Pop! music video-

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