What Is Eun Chang Soo’s Master Plan in ‘Snowdrop’ Episode 15?

Snowdrop Episode 15
Snowdrop cr: jTBC

Snowdrop Episode 15 will soon be airing, and fans are waiting with bated breaths. Moreover, now that Kang Cheong Ya is out of the dark dorms and is on a mission to embezzle the money that determines the fate of both North and South Korea, the previous episodes seem like a scene from a spy movie. Although Kang Cheong Ya is swindling the money, whether she will use it to live her own happily ever after or to help Im Soo Ho and the hostages still remains a big question.

Moreover, the hostages inside the dorm are already losing trust in each other after discovering North Korean and ANSP spies among themselves. So when it is revealed that Eun Young Ro is the daughter of the Director of ANSP, Eun Chang Su, the broth just overflows. How will Eun Young Ro survive when everyone in the dorm turns their back on her? Will Kang Moo and Im Soo Ho be able to keep the hostages safe? Will Kang Cheong Ya return to the dorms after securing the money? Find out in Snowdrop Episode 15.

What To Expect From Snowdrop Episode 15?

The past few episodes of Snowdrop have kept fans on edge every single second. The news of a mole inside the dorm shook everyone, and the identity of the mole surprised them even more. Additionally, Im Soo Ho is trying his best to convince Kang Cheong Ya to join hands with them in order to save the hostages. However, the price that Kang Cheong Ya asks for her loyalty is something Im Soo Ho is unwilling to give. Perhaps one of the most unexpected twists that Snowdrop gave us besides the short-lived sweet gazes between Kye Bun Ok and Commander Joo is was Kang Cheong Ya having feelings for Im Soo Ho. However, Im Soo Ho has eyes only for Eun Young Ro. As the series is inching closer to its end, fans are wondering what will happen to Im Soo Ho and Eun Young Ro? He cannot possibly just stay in South Korea because his sister is in the North.

Snowdrop Episode 15 Release Date
Snowdrop cr:jTBC

In the previous episode, we also saw Soo Ho’s failed attempt to keep his sister safe. Moreover, if Im Soo Ho does somehow manage to get out of the dorm safely and back to the North, he will be severely punished for disobeying the party and its orders. Things are not looking good for Im Soo Ho, and with the truth about Eun Youn Ro’s father being the director of ANSP, she is also in trouble. Outside the dorms, Nam Tae Il, Eun Chang Su, and Ahn Kyung Hee are in a cat and mouse chase of their own. After being literally shot in the back by Nam Tae Il, Eun Chang Su will not let him live peacefully. And with his cunning wife by his side, fans are sure he is hatching up an evil plan. Tune in to watch Snowdrop Episode 15 to find out.

Snowdrop Episode 15 Release Date

As the semi finale of Snowdrop approaches, fans are feeling bitter-sweet. Furthermore, the series has such painful cliffhangers that waiting for a week seemed like hell. And although a lot of things are starting to make sense, fans still have tons of questions. Thankfully, Snowdrop Episode 15 will be released on 30 January. Snowdrop aired on 18 December, and fans never expected the two sweet love birds, Eun Young Ro and Jung Hae In, to get caught up in an election scheme between North and South Korea. From a beautiful romance to an action thriller, the series leaves no pages unturned. So do not miss out!

Snowdrop Episode 15 Preview
Snowdrop cr;jTBC

Where to Watch Snowdrop Episode 15?

Snowdrop is broadcasted every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm according to Korean Standard Time on jTBC. For viewers who are located outside of South Korea, the timings are 7:00 pm in India, 12:30 am in Australia, 1:30 pm in the United Kingdom, 8:30 am in the United States, and 8:30 pm in Canada. Moreover, Snowdrop is the first exclusive Korean release on Disney+. However, only users in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea can watch the latest episodes with subtitles in varying languages soon after their release. Make sure to watch Snowdrop Episode 15 to find out what Eun Chang Soo’s master plan is.

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