What Is Eric Nam’s Net Worth? A Look At The Singer’s Journey From The States To South Korea!

eric nam net worth

One of the most popular singer-songwriters of the current times, Eric Nam is one of the sweetest human beings. Currently a rage in the music scene, we’ve seen clips of the singer interacting with fans in concert. He can be seen either singing in his melodious voice or playing guitar. Or telling fans that he can’t step on them looking at all the signboards they’ve made. Known for his singles ‘I Don’t Miss You’ and ‘Lost On Me,’ the singer has some genius lyrics that make fans cry and sing along to the beats. With the popularity going sky high, people have wanted to know Eric Nam’s net worth and other life updates.

Back in October 2021, the singer went on to release his second English language album, “There and Back Again”. With the New Year, Eric is all set to start his “There and Back Again” world tour in the US, Canada, and Europe. The singer has always been worried if he’s putting out enough content in the world. After sitting in the quarantine, exploring different music genres, and finding his musical sweet spot, Eric came up with his second English album. Wanting to be seen as a pop artist, Eric is after the acceptance from a global music world.

eric nam net worth
Eric Nam

A Look At The Artist’s Life

Becoming a world-famous singer wasn’t the dream for Eric at the start. As the singer was planning a career in consultancy after completing university. Leaving his home behind, the singer moved to South Korea from the States to pursue his music career. While he calls America his home, life in the west hasn’t been smooth for him either. The singer had shared many stories from his school time when he was bullied and always picked on. While K-pop has become widely popular in the west. Back in the time, it wasn’t that easy for a biracial artist to make it in the industry. Catching a flight to Seoul, Eric auditioned for the Season 2 of the Korean singing competition Star Audition as the show’s production team stumbled upon Eric’s Youtube channel. Over the years, he’s been traveling back and forth to the States and South Korea.

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And the artist didn’t limit himself to just music as he’s also a well-known Korean Variety TV Show host. During his time in Korea, he has done TV, radio, reality shows, concerts, and festivals. Eric was also the go-to guy anytime a western U.S. celebrity was coming to Korea or was doing a press junket for a movie or a TV show. Making ‘stepping out’ his comfort, the singer is always focusing on how to get better. How he can do things differently and approach things from a different perspective is always on Eric’s mind. Letting his ‘the romantic guy next door’ image go, he’s showing a new side to his fans. Instead of talking about feeling heartbroken after a breakup, Eric’s music is mostly focusing on the process of going through the end of a relationship.

eric nam net worth
Eric Nam hops to reverse engineer K-pop in the west.

What Is Eric Nam’s Net Worth?

Eric Nam’s estimated net worth falls somewhere around $1.5 million. Along with music, the singer has a few brand endorsement deals to add on. He also has a headphones collection named “Onkyo x Eric Nam” with the brand Onkyo. While the singer’s major earnings come from music, Eric also has an interest in business and investments. He is the co-founder alongside Brian Nam of the US Based media company ‘Dive Studios’. His company focuses on the artists in the US and South Korea for now. With two whole English albums out, Eric’s fan base has gone from Korean and American audiences to all over the world. His songs have started entering the Billboard’s World Album Chart. Just doing what he wants to, his music, his shows, and his stories, Eric is on his way to get into Western media.

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