What Is DPS In Video Games? How To Improve it?

The world of gaming is evolving and so does the vocabulary related to gaming. Gaming is now one of the biggest pop-culture communities. It is getting wider and bigger as many people are joining this community. Thus, they might need to know some of the terminologies used in this universe.

When you play a game, you come across many terms like HP, PP, AAA, Bots and many more. However, one such term which has gone really popular is DPS. Most professional gamers know about this term however, those who are new to gaming might not. Thus, we will talk about what is DSP and its importance.

What Is DPS?

According to the gaming vocabulary, DPS stands for Damage Per Second. It is a way of measuring how much damage an item, weapon or even a character can inflict. Previously, every game had its own terms for measuring the amount of damage an object can inflict. But now there are hundreds of games coming out each year and also the popularity of multiplayer games, it could be hard for gamers to remember different measuring units. Therefore, most games these days like Genshin Impact, Overwatch and even Assassin’s Creed use the same measuring technique which is DPS in their game.

Weapon's DPS in Assassins-Creed Odyssey
Weapon’s DPS in Assassins-Creed Odyssey

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How To Improve DPS?

Usually, there are two ways to change or more like improving the DPS of an item, weapon or character in a game. A gamer can either upgrade a specific team, weapon or character which most of the time also improves that item or character’s Damage Per Second. However, there is another way in most games to get their character or weapon’s damage infliction and that is to change that weapon or character itself.

How to improve DPS
Upgrading weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 for improved DPS

In a game, there are many different items and in some games, there are different characters. Each weapon and character has a different Damage Per Second. So you can just swap your current weapon or character with another one that has better DPS. However, there are some other things to look at in a weapon or character other than DPS. Because many times a weapon or character might have higher DPS than your current option but it might not suit your playing style.

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