What Is CRPG? [Definition, Meaning]

We will be talking about the following today, What is CRPG? (CRPG Definition/CRPG Meaning). There are tonnes of games out there on multiple consoles, each having a completely different genre. Usually, it is extremely hard for one to keep track of what kind of the game they’re playing and enjoying because a lot of people just don’t care about any of that. But for those of you who do, CRPG should be a term that crossed your thoughts a couple of times. So what exactly is CRPG? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this post. So let’s begin. Simply put, CRPG stands for Computer Role-playing game. In these games, people can basically play as a character that lives in a different world; a world different from ours. The player’s identity becomes a unique character in the said Universe.

What Is CRPG?

Crpg definition

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But wait, there more! There are lots of factors that basically set apart a CRPG from other games and really makes them stand out in the world of gaming. In a CRPG, you get to explore an alternate reality in a manner that no other genre offers. Sure, getting through missions is still the prerequisite for moving forward in the game, but the AI and the world experience in these games are on a different level entirely. Even the non-character players are extremely smart. These games are also different from other Role Playing games, in case you were wondering. For example, we have dungeons and dragons, which is a tabletop RPG. In a CRPG, you have to play on a computer, in an alternate reality, which is what sets it apart from other RPGs.

What Is CRPG?

CRPG Definition / Meaning

If you thought that’s it a far as CRPGs are concerned, you are wrong. CRPGs are further divided into multiple subcategories. Most importantly, the type of CRPGs usually differs because of the Eastern, and the Western styles. The Western style of CRPG offers a lot more freedom to the character. In the Eastern style (usually Japanese), the freedom is far less, but that is essentially replaced with a better storyline, and much more gore. This is because the Eastern style of CRPGs are usually aimed at a more mature audience, while there are much brighter tone and customization available on the Western ones. There are also several types of CRPGs which don’t really depends on the country of origin, and these are MMORPGs, tactical RPGs, Action RPGs, and Roguelikes, all of which are amazing in their own unique way.

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