What Is Chet Hanks’ Net Worth? A Peek Into Tom Hanks Son’s Life

Chet Hanks

Chester Hanks aka Chet Hanks, son of Academy Award Winner Tom Hanks and renowned actor-producer Rita Wilson, Chet Hanks is a star kid who has gone under the radar of many tabloid news agencies on numerous occasions. Nowadays, it is observed that star kids are brought into the trending buzz for more coverage. Be it any industry, the audience certainly has some kind of attraction towards kids who are connected to celebrities. The insights of the kid’s life sell for loads of money to the market.

Hollywood has seen many star kids fall and rise over the years. One could bring in many names to put and categorize them in either slot of fall or rise. Often, it is forgotten that those kids lead separate life on their own. Many are under tremendous pressure to lead a life that is discreet and completely different from what they want.

In the year 1978, Tom Hanks got married to Samantha Lewes. Then they went on to have two kids, Colin and Elizabeth. Then they got divorced in the year 1987. But Tom Hanks was close to Samantha Lewes, till she passed away of bone cancer in the year 2002. But in the year 1987, Hanks married Rita Wilson and then they welcomed new life to this universe. One was Chester and another Truman. All the kids had a fair share of tries on the big screen, but considerably Colin hanks the eldest of the lot had the taste of subsequent success on the screen. He was an integral part of various movies and shows like King Kong, My Mom’s New Boyfriend, Fargo, Untraceable and more.

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Chet Hanks Life and Work

Chester Hanks aka Chet Hanks also goes by the name of Chet Haze/Hanx. Chet Haze/Hanx would be his rapper name. Chet has been on and off to all those controversies which are typical star kids related. Drugs and legal cases are just a side of the coin. Chet has been named as one of the most outspoken star kids on the circuit. He has never withdrawn any sort of statement he has given to the media. Be it him enjoying a “white boy summer” or being involved in drugs.

Chet Hanks
Chet Hanks

Although, it was never grey for Chet from the beginning. He did give a try to his acting career with several appearances on certain movies and TV Shows. He started his acting career with Bratz, Shocktrooper, Larry Crowne, Indiana Jones, and the kingdom of Crystal Skull. But soon after the short stint on the screen, he decided to lay his back upon rapping. Seemingly, rapping did not work either because his releases were not at all accepted by the audience. Currently, he has been trying his hand out on acting bits and pieces but does not seem to head anywhere. His recent tinges on the screen are seven episodes of Shameless along with two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Along with the TV shows stints, he has been part of the 2020 Tom Hanks Movie Greyhound too.

Chet Hanks Net Worth

Chester Marlon Hanks was born to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on the 4th of August 1990, in Los Angeles. He is 31 years old. His height is 1.78 meters tall. Having a short stint in the performative industry on-screen and an extended musical stint which is still ongoing. His net worth is approximately somewhere close to 3.5 million dollars currently. Though his wages are undisclosed his net worth is said to be exactly the given amount. Chet is a big name in the industry but it is often considered or rather compared to his father’s brilliance.

Chester and Tom Hanks

Any details on his bank balance are considered null and voided when compared to his father, Tom Hank’s bank balance. Tom Hanks is currently standing upon a whopping 400 million dollar net worth. It would be of great disrespect to both the artists when comparison kicks in. Also, Chet’s previous releases did not do well commercially. Irrespective of his knack for drawing attention and interest from the audience and media.


Chet Hanks has been battling alcoholism and drugs addiction from a young age. Then he channeled his focus into his career but things did not turn up accordingly. He pushed his life into many ventures and controversies. His ‘white boy summer’ controversy was just the start. Chet was a part of a heavyweight lawsuit filed by his then-girlfriend Kiana Parker. Miss Parker claimed that Chet was abusive towards her and she wanted to approach the Hank’s but they did not acknowledge her deal. Hence she went on to file a 1 million dollar lawsuit against Chet. This affected Chet’s releases then and following a dud release due to the controversy he failed to claim fame again.

Chet in White Boy Summer

Also recently, he was a part of another controversy that involved COVID 19 vaccinations. He was part of a social media post/video where he was super-ranting about vaccinations. Claiming COVID 19 as the mere flu to the world and claimed to be a part of the anti-vax community. But soon, he had retracted his statements and stated that he then believes that COVID 19 situation is really serious and he understands the gravity of the situation. He even asked everyone to get vaccinated because he is afraid of the number.