What Is Anna Petrakova’s Net Worth? Earnings Of The Professional Basketball Player

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Anna Petrakova
Anna Petrakova

The world now recognizes every talent in any corner of the world, no matter what the field is. Earlier it was very difficult. Amidst the gender, inequality debates recognize female talents in fields like athletics, football, basketball, basically sports. If not for the recognition, the remuneration of playing a sport for a female was much more difficult economically. They never get the finance of what the male parallels get in a similar sport.

But now, with the age changing and with the world approaching the equality factors. There are female athletes and sportspeople who are getting what they deserve. One such sportsperson would be Russian basketballer Anna Petrakova. Over the years, she has been revolutionary for Russian as well as world basketball. She has been a part of the basketball circuit for a while now, but is she getting what she deserves? What is Anna Petrakova’s Net Worth?

Anna Petrakova Still
Still from Anna Petrakova Initial Days Interview

Anna is an inspiration and is appreciated all over the world. Her field of expertise is Basketball, and she is a master at it. In the sporting world, a caliber of a player like her is often addressed as GOAT (Greatest of all time). Sincerely, she is a disciplined and well-calibrated athlete. Her stats and figures on the court are phenomenal, and the trophy cabinet is near about overloaded with numerous reputed statuses.

Anna Petrakova’s Life and Work

Anna was born in Hungary, Budapest, on the 4th of December 1984. She had her schooling and academics done from Hungary and then moved to Russia. Her basketball passion was since childhood. Her knack to make it big in the basketball circuit was a childhood dream, and she mentioned that she used to be a primary player in her academic days. Anna was a regular in her college team and eventually learnt the upward movement to make it big for the sport. She then decided to pursue Basketball as a career. She was a vigorous player who was persistent about making it into the Russian National Team. Eventually, she was named in the Russian National Team for Olympics 2016.

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Anna Petrakova Early
A younger Anna Petrakova

Her talent and passion were out of this world and incomparable with others aspiring to be on the national team. Anna Petrakova’s notable achievements are playing for the Russian National Team, making it for Olympics 2016, playing and excelling in the Euro Cup and FIBA Europe Super Cup. Also, her cabinet is shined by trophies like Euro Cup Women 2011-12 with Dynamo Kursk, FIBA Europe Cup Women, along with the 2013 FIBA Europe SuperCup Women with UMMC Ekaterinburg. She has had an enthralling career and is one of the most respected players in the circuit. She was also part of the Russian women’s national team that ranked fourth at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Anna Petrakova’s Net Worth

Anna is not a sportsperson who flaunts her wealth to the world to admire. Though her net worth is said to be approximately over 1 million dollars. Her primary source of income was her career in basketball. All her life, basketball has made her what she is today. Her wealth is not on display, and accordingly, it is only known that she owns a few real estate properties which are of big numbers. But other than anything else, it’s all about her endorsements and brand deals which thrives her towards profits. Her international matches and domestic wages were substantial and justified. She was said to be on a 100,000 dollar wage bill per month when she was a regular on the court.

Personal Life

Just as her financial records, her personal life, too is a mystery to everyone. But it is when she was linked with Candance Parker and eventually got married in 2019. They were creating a lot of buzz in the media. Two of the most reputed players coming together and marrying each other was a beautiful sequence in their lives. But the marriage was not revealed or officially announced till late 2021. The duo took it to Instagram and posted their aesthetic marriage pictures, and announced their next step together.

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Anna Petrakova
Anna Petrakova and Candace Parker Marriage Pictures

Recently, they have also confirmed that they are expecting a child soon. So the expected parents are on the hype currently in the media for all the right reasons. Other than that, Anna Petrakova is not known for any juicy controversies. She has been as disciplined as she could be all her life, and her personal space was well respected by everyone, including fans and media houses for obvious reasons.

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