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What If…? Season 1 Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

What If...? Season 1 Episode 9
What If... The Watcher and Darker Doctor Strange

We are finally at the end of the season as we wait for the release of What If…? Season 1 Episode 9. The latest animated television series from Marvel Studios has been a huge hit among comic-book fans. Furthermore, non-comic book fans have also enjoyed the series a lot since it first premiered on 11th August 2021. There have been several characters that were featured in each of the episodes of this latest offering. In addition to that, most of these characters were similar to what we have seen in the Marvel movies in the past decade or so.

We even got to see a few newer characters as well. Although, all of the characters in the series were different versions of what we have normally seen in the movies or television shows. The reason being that this show focused more on the concept of the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was the perfect way to introduce and explain the different realities in the multiverse after the events of “Loki”. For those who do not know yet, Loki is another television series from Marvel Studios that concluded before What If…? premiered.

Marvel got to do various different versions in different universes of our favorite characters like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and many more on a budget of an animated series. This was a whole lot easier as a live-action adaptation would have taken years to complete, and the budget required would have been huge. However, the show has been very successful, and everyone is very excited to watch What If…? Season 1 Episode 9. It will be a big episode featuring a new team of heroes going against the big bad. Although, let us find out what exactly happened in Episode 8 that caused this.

The Watcher in Episode 8

What If…? Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 of What If…? came out on 29th September 2021 at 12:30 pm IST, 3 am ET, and 8 am BST. In addition to that, the episode was titled “What If… Ultron Won” and featured Ultron as the big bad in a different universe. However, we saw a shot of the last scene from Episode 7 as well when Ultron Vision came to Party Thor’s Universe, and even The Watcher was surprised to see him. This scene shocked everyone because The Watcher is supposed to know anything and everything in the multiverse and beyond.

But who is this Vision Ultron? Well, let us move to a different reality to find out. We saw another universe as The Watcher showed us how it was almost the same as the main universe where Tony Stark created Ultron for world peace, but Ultron went rogue. In this reality, things happened a bit differently that changed the events, and everything went against our mighty heroes, The Avengers. In the Vision Ultron reality, The Avengers did not steal Vision’s body away, and that caused them to lose the fight in Russia against Ultron.

The Avengers vs Vision Ultron

Vision Ultron kills everyone on Earth in What If…? Episode 8

Ultron finally bonded with Vision’s body and uploaded himself into him. With that, he became immensely powerful since he even had the mind stone with him. Even Thor was not a match for him as he could lift his hammer just like in the original Age Of Ultron movie. The Avengers lost the battle, and Ultron Vision destroyed the planet by launching every nuclear missile on earth in different countries. There might be some humans who might have survived, but we only got a look at Black Widow and Hawkeye trying to find a way to destroy Vision Ultron.

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Did Hawkeye and Black Widow Find A Way To Stop Vision Ultron?

Meanwhile, The Avengers and all the other heroes on the planet were dead, Black Widow and Hawkeye were still trying to fight back. They were constantly on the run and in search of a code that would take over the AI of Ultron and stop him for good. However, it was not as easy as they thought. They had to fight Ultron’s army several times on the course of their search. We even saw that Hawkeye was probably using a Vibranium arm like the one The Winter Soldier had.

They finally reached Russia and went into the KGB archives, where all the secret data was kept but in an analog form. This was something Ultron would not come looking for since it was not digital. On the other hand, we saw how Vision Ultron even split Thanos in half with a single laser from his mind stone. Although, things got very dangerous when he collected all the other infinity stones from Thanos’s infinity gauntlet. He found out about the other planets in the universe as well and went on to destroy them.

Black Widow in Episode 8

Black Widow saves Hawkeye from Ultrons.

Asgard was the first one to be destroyed after the earth, and then he moved on to the others. We even got a glimpse of Guardians of The Galaxy from this reality who tried to fight him back but were obliterated within seconds along with the planet. However, Captain Marvel did come along and seemed like she was the only one that could defeat him. She hit Vision Ultron hard and took him to the core of the planet to kill him. But eventually, Vision Ultron destroyed every single planet in that universe. Although, things got serious when Vision Ultron heard The Watcher speaking, sensed his presence, and even saw him.

How Did Hawkeye Die In What If…? Episode 8?

Everything started getting serious now that The Watcher realized that things had gotten out of hand. He is the one who can see everything, knows everything that has ever happened and everything that will ever happen. But Vision Ultron was something else, and it even scared him, realizing that if Ultron Vision got to know about him, he would destroy the multiverse. This is where The Watcher decided to take a close look at Black Widow and Hawkeye because they were the only hope to save humanity.

Whereas Black Widow and Hawkeye began their search for a secret code or AI that was developed for HYDRA to counter SHIELD. They kept on their search reading out most of the files in the archives. However, Hawkeye gave up just as he was about to pick out the box that contained what they needed. The Watcher wanted to help and was trying to tell him to pick the box up, but Hawkeye did not do it. He told Black Widow that he was tired of fighting since there was nothing left to fight for.

What If...? Season 1 Episode 9

Hawkeye sacrifices himself to save Black Widow in What If…? Episode 8

But Black Widow eventually convinced him to keep going when she picked up the same box that he had left out. They had now found out about a base secret base in Siberia that belonged to HYDRA. They learned about a scientist named Zola, who used to work for HYDRA and had uploaded his brains into several data banks before his death. Black Widow and Hawkeye finally brought back the Zola AI and Hawkeye injected it into one of the Ultrons. However, Hawkeye died while trying to escape from the Ultron army and helped Black Widow escape with Zola to stop Ultron. Meanwhile, Zola told Black Widow that Vision Ultron was out of the universe, which is why he could not take control over him.

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The Watcher vs Vision Ultron: Did The Watcher Eventually Interfere?

The Watcher was now hopeful that Black Widow and Hawkeye had found a hope to stop Vision Ultron. However, he could not believe it when Vision Ultron broke through the dimensional barrier and entered where he was. Ultron Vision then attacked him hard with the power stone. The Watcher tried to talk to him that he should not destroy the universes, but Vision Ultron stated that this was his purpose all along. They start to fight as The Watcher sends him out of his dimension once again. At least that’s what he thought.

Vision Ultron returned back again and hit The Watcher with immense power, throwing him out of the dimension onto another planet. The Watcher tries to tell him that he cannot intervene in the natural order. However, Vision Ultron disagrees and begins the fight again. Although, this time, The Watcher goes on in his full power, getting all suited up. He tries to keep up with Vision Ultron. But it turns out Vision Ultron is far more powerful as he beats The Watcher. Vision Ultron even throws him into several realities breaking through various dimensions.

What If...? Season 1 Episode 9

Vision Ultron beats The Watcher in What If…? Episode 8

Furthermore, Vision Ultron tells The Watcher that he is the most powerful in the multiverse. In addition to that, he eventually goes ahead to kill The Watcher grabbing him by his head. However, The Watcher gives him one last power punch and breaks free. Although he does not fight back, instead, he escapes from him. At last, we see him in the closed dimension or prison where Darker Doctor Strange is living. He tells him that Vision Ultron is far more powerful, and he has run out of ideas. Strange asks him to break his code and ask for help. The Watcher cannot believe that he is about to say it, but he eventually does and asks for Strange’s help.

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What If…? Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date: What To Expect From The Season Finale?

What If…? Season 1 Episode 9 will be releasing on 6th October 2021 at 12:30 pm IST, 8 am BST, and 3 am ET. Although a title for the next episode has not been confirmed yet, we can expect a lot. The final episode of What If…? will be totally worth the wait, especially after the surprising ending of Episode 8. We finally got to witness The Watcher break his code of never interfering. He lost to Vision Ultron and therefore ran out of options. Therefore he went to Darker Doctor Strange to ask for his help.

That is why we can expect to see all of the other heroes from different universes fight for the multiverse. Moreover, we will finally get a look at The Guardians of The Multiverse. This new team of heroes will include superheroes from different realities. We might get to see Captain Carter, T’Challa Star Lord, Killmonger Black Panther, Black Widow, and more. Darker Doctor Strange and Party Thor might also team up to gather infinity stones from Zombie Thanos. Things are going to get interesting in the last episode of What If…? Season 1. Therefore, stay tuned for the release upcoming Wednesday.

What If...? Season 1 Episode 9

What If…? Season 1 Episode 9 will release on 6th October 2021

Where To Watch What If…?

The latest animated series from Marvel Studios has got the fans on the edge of their seats. Even the other viewers are searching about where to watch What If…? Season 1 and all of its episodes. The simple answer to that question is Disney Plus. What If…? releases on Disney Plus every week on Wednesdays at 3 am ET, 12:30 pm IST, and 8 am BST. The show is a Disney Plus exclusive and, therefore, only available to stream on it. However, we can expect the series to arrive on different streaming platforms once the season wraps up. There are a lot of regions that still do not have this streaming service. Therefore, Marvel Studios would like to get the series to those fans and viewers as well.

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