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Spoilers & Preview: What If…? Season 1 Episode 3

Spoilers & Recap: What If...? Season 1 Episode 3

“What If…?” Season 1 will soon be back with its Episode 3. Marvel has finally begun its Phase Four as we see repeated releases of several Marvel shows. We saw WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, and the Black Widow Movie this year. Now, before we truly meddle with the Multiverse, the studio heads of Marvel want to show us several other alternate realities that could have been if people made different choices. Marvel’s “What If..?” is an animated anthology series that has been created by AC Bradley for Phase Four of Marvel. This series was officially announced back in April 2019 and was animated using cel-shaded animation style. The animation for the series was provided by several studios, including Squeeze, Blue Spirit, and Flying Bark Productions. Stephan Franck headed the culmination of these teams.

The story of “What If…?” is narrated by a cosmic being called The Watcher. He is a member of an alien race that simply observes the events across the Universe without meddling in it. The Season Premiere takes us through a scenario where Peggy Carter becomes the Super Soldier instead of Steve Rogers.

While she is successfully injected with the Super Serum, she is banned from going on any missions. This decision was taken by John Flynn only because she was a woman. But after she receives a suit and a vibranium shield from Howard Stark, Flynn promotes Peggy to Captain Carter. Elsewhere, Howard even gives Steve Rogers a new vibranium suit, after which he is called the “Hydra Stomper”. Both Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper start working together when Steve gets abducted by Hydra. While trying to save him from Red Skull, Peggy ends up being transported into a portal, leaving her dormant for almost 70 years.

Yondu and Young T’Challa.

“What If…?” Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

“What If…?” Season 1 Episode 2 titled “What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?” has a unique twist to the tale of Star-Lord. Yondu and the Ravagers are assigned a mission to retrieve the son of the Celestial being Ego, Peter Quill. During this mission in 1988, Yondu sends how two men, but they mistakenly bring in Young T’Challa from Wakanda. Back then, T’Chall wanted to explore the world. Therefore, he decided to stay with Yondu and explore the Universe instead. As time passed, T’Challa became the widely known intergalactic mercenary known as Star-Lord. Over the years, he was convinced by Yondu that Wakanda was destroyed, due to which he kept working with the Ravagers. However, now they worked for the poor, taking on a similar role to that of Robin Hood.

Spoilers & Recap: What If...? Season 1 Episode 3

Star-Lord T’Challa.

In the 20 years T’Challa explored the Universe, he became close to Nebula and befriended the Mad Titan, Thanos. This is when Nebula approaches him for a job. She wants to steal a cosmic artifact called Embers of Genesis from Taneleer “The Collector” Tivan. Initially, Yondu rejects the idea to mess with The Collector, but soon enough, he agrees.

While Thanos and Korath distract the guards, Nebula and Yondu sneak in T’Challa into The Collector’s place. During this, T’Challa finds a Wakandan Spacecraft through which he learns that Yondu had fed him lies about Wakanda being destroyed. In the meantime, Nebula works on her triple-cross plan as she retrieves the Embers of Genesis and gets away with the Ravagers. Meanwhile, T’Challa and Yondu take down The Collector as Carina ends him off. In the end, T’Challa forgives Yondu, after which they head to Wakanda. Elsewhere, at the ending of the episode, we see Ego meeting his actual son, Peter Quill, who was now a janitor.

Spoilers & Recap: What If...? Season 1 Episode 3

The Collector.

“What If…?” Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

“What If…?” Season 1 Episode 3 is set to be released on 25th August 2021. This episode will be aired at 3 am ET / 2 am CT. All of Marvel’s “What If…?” Episodes are set to be released every Wednesday. According to the sources, there will be a total of nine episodes in the first season of the animated series. This season will finish airing on 6th October 2021, and subsequently, a second season will release in some time. For now, it has only been revealed that a “What If…?” Season 2 is in the works. The upcoming season will also contain nine episodes in the season. Each episode by “What If…?” has a runtime of about 30 minutes. Seeing that each episode has its own story, the chances of an increased runtime till the season finale seems highly unlikely.


Marvel’s “What If..?” could have started premiering sooner, but as mentioned above, it is a form of necessity for Phase 4 of MCU. Last year, we saw a drought of MCU content due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This primarily caused the cinematic release of the Black Widow Movie to be delayed. Along with it, Disney+ shows like WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki were not released. And all of them were important to provide a ground to stand on for “What If…?”. In the season finale of Loki, we were introduced to the Multiverse and its Infinite possibilities. And “Marvel’s What If…?” does just that and shows us various scenarios that could have been.

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“What If…?” Season 1 Episode 3 Preview

“What If…?” Season 1 Episode 3 will show us yet another scenario that could have been. The previous two episodes showed us two uniques scenarios. Peggy Carter became the super-soldier known as Captain Carter; meanwhile, T’Challa became the one to be abducted by Yondu Udonta. These two scenarios showed us how a minute change brought on a completely new set of events. The mere decision to stay inside the facility caused Peggy Carter to become the Super Soldier. Meanwhile, the simple change of Yondu to send two of his goons to capture Peter Quill caused them to mistakenly abduct T’Challa.


As for the third episode, we do not have an episode title or a description yet. But if we were to go by what we ourselves found on the internet, the next episode may be based on Loki. This episode may see Loki actually ruling the Asgard or even being chosen by the Mjolnir. Other than this, the episode may also focus on Tony Stark, who is saved by Killmonger. Or else, we might even witness the Doctor Strange episode, where he is the disciple to Dormammu. This situation leads him to become Doctor Strange Supreme. In the trailer, we see a scene in which Doctor Strange Supreme meets Captain Carter. Due to this event, it seems that we might see an introduction to Doctor Strange Supreme in one of the closer episodes.

There is also the possibility that we may witness the Bucky-focused episode. In the trailer, we see a Zombie Captain America. This form is clearly based on the Marvel Zombie series and may focus on a few selective characters, one of them being Clint Barton.

Spoilers & Recap: What If...? Season 1 Episode 3

Zombie Captain America.

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Where To Watch Marvel’s “What If…?”?

Marvel’s “What If…?” is available to watch on Disney+, exclusively. It has been some time that Disney came out with their own direct-to-consumer streaming service called Disney+. Ever since then, Disney has been coming out with several shows ranging in different franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. All of these are available to watch only on Disney+. So, if you are a fan of one of these franchises, it seems to be a good idea to get a subscription for the service. At the moment, Disney+ has a variety of shows, including WandaVision, Loki, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, The Mandalorian, and several other Star Wars shows. Along with this, you could also watch several movies from its very expansive library.

You can subscribe to Disney+ for $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year. If you would like to continue with the service for the longer run, the annual subscription is more beneficial, as it would only cost you the same amount as that for ten months of subscription. In India, Disney has collaborated with Star Network to re-imagine Hotstar into Disney+ Hotstar. This allows users in India to avail both the services together at a cut-cost price of Rs. 1499 per year.

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