What if Naruto is a ‘Bad Guy’? An Alternative Scenario

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What if Naruto was a bad guy?

We all have been streaming and reading Naruto manga and anime for a long time. We always have witnessed Naruto being an absolute sweetheart taking care of everyone even though he himself is hurt. Every other protagonist from the anime series is generally like this showcasing the values and etiquettes of being a gentle human. But have you imagined what if they were totally opposite to their nature? This view sounds very crazy but interesting at the same time. It is not a unique or rare idea Masashi Kishimoto also might have given it a thought but analyzing all the possibilities is different.

Naruto, the Japanese manga series by Masahi Kishimoto, made its way to the public on 21st September 1999. The manga continues till 10th November 2014, along with the sequel series. It was published by Shueisha and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. While talking about the main character of the series, it is none other than Naruto, a perfect boy who is so loving, and despite being so powerful, he is not at all arrogant. So, to spice things up, let’s take him to a darker side and see how things will be turned out if Naruto was a bad guy.

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What if Naruto was a ‘Bad Guy’?

We all know that the story of Naruto begins with him being an orphan child who is the home of the nine-tailed beast. This fact made him different from other kids, and he was mistreated by everyone in the village of Konoha. This could to be the time when he decided to be evil, he makes this perception that being good is not going to make any difference because everyone hates him no matter what. He would have grown up like a bad boy getting into every kind of thing that would help him to grow stronger. Let’s see all the time, Naruto could have turned evil and stopped being the protagonist that he is.

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If He Didn’t Have Iruka Sensei by His Side

As we all know that Naruto spends a life full of despair and loneliness. When all the other students of the ninja academy got their parents by their side, Naruto was alone. Even his very own villagers didn’t accept him and isolated him. However, there was this one person who was there and prevented Naruto from getting into this pit of darkness. Iruka sensei treated him like a kind wanted to be treated like. The smallest gesture of taking him to the ramen stall did so much good that he didn’t grow up bad. During the fight between Gaara and Naruto, he clearly stated that he didn’t have Iruka sensei by his side, he would have ended up like Gaara.

What if naruto was a bad buy
Iruka sensei took care of Naruto like his child.

If Orochimaru Would Have Found Him at a Younger Age

This possibility could also have contributed to turning Naruto into a villain. We all know how Orochimaru is already a master of influencing and manipulating people. If he could have found Naruto at a younger age, Naruto would surely be a villain by now. At a young age, he was most vulnerable and didn’t get the love that he deserved. Orochimaru would have taken advantage of it and have manipulated Naruto by highlighting how no one likes him. He would tell how people of Konoha think of him as a beast. So, to get a sense of belonging and grow powerful, Naruto would have accepted the company of Orochimaru.

Times when Naruto could have turned evil
Orochimaru has always been ominous and could have affected Naruto.

When Sasuke Left Konoha

Another thing that could have affected Naruto negatively and would have turned him evil is the time when Sasuke left. It was obvious that Naruto and Sakura were the ones who were greatly affected by this fact. Both of them were shattered to see their friend leave them behind to grow much more powerful. Meanwhile, Sakura decided to train with Tsunade and where she spent her next three years. That was the time Naruto was alone and, at the same time, wanted to grow strong to bring back Sasuke. He was also affected by the fact that Sasuke beaten him too badly before leaving and could have developed a hatred for him. If he had developed a hard feeling towards the fact that ” he was alive purely on the mercy of Sasuke,” he would have planned to kill Sasuke.

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Sasuke Leaving Konoha
Sasuke Leaving Konoha

When Jiraya Died

We all know about how much Naruto has craved companionship, and that was granted to him by Saint Jiraya. He was like a father to him and someone who took care of him after Iruka sensei, 3rd Hokage, and Kakashi. He even lashed it out on Tsunade, who was the fifth Hokage, that how can she let him go alone for a mission like that.

Although he knew that Jiraya did this of his own will and couldn’t let Tsunade do something this reckless, he could have easily assumed that Tsundae was selfish, and as she was the Hokage, she had all the powers to stop him from going alone after Akatsuki. Along this being a Hokage was the reason that she let such a close friend of hers die. He would have grown some misconception for the post of the Hokage, and all the things that he faced as a child would have contributed to it.

Jiraiya's Death greatly affected Naruto
Jiraiya’s Death greatly affected Naruto

If Naruto Would Have Let Kurama Take The Lead

This one is very obvious yet important to highlight. What if Naruto had let Kurama take the lead and let him do whatever he wanted. Since his childhood, we faced all the hate from people for just being the jinchuriki for the nine-tailed beast, which was not even his fault. So, this gave him every right to be evil and let Kurama take the lead and do according to his liking. He would have reached his full Bijju form much early, but this would have gone insane. Naruto will lose all the control of his body, just like we witness him having time to time in the whole series. But this time, he will voluntarily don’t try to take control back but will befriend Kurama taking chances and being pure evil.

Naruto in Bijuu form
Naruto in Bijuu form

If He Let His Anger Take Over Him

This is the thing that made Naruto more vulnerable than anything. There were many times when Naruto got carried away during a fight and let his anger take the best of him. One example of this is the time when he was so dedicated during the fight with Haku that he was swayed away. At that time, he thought Sasuke had died, and that he got so angry drove his action completely on the motive of revenge. However, the time he shattered Haku’s mask and took a look at with whom he is fighting, he quickly got back to normal. This also happened another time in the fight with Orochimaru about the fact what he did to Sasuke. We know he lost control at that moment because he accidentally inflicted a bad burn on Sakura.

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If Naruto was a Bad Guy
Naruto losing control over the Death of Sasuke

Could He Ever Turn Evil?

So as we have to see some times and grounds where Naruto could have gone insane and left the path of being good. But the questions lies is, that can ever happen in real that Naruto can go evil. So, to answer this question, as I mentioned above, he got a lot of occasions where he could have lost control over sanity and let the trauma take over him. He could have ended up like Gaara and Pain, but he chooses to be sane to be good. Sometimes, he is too good that even fans find it annoying.

He forgives very quickly, even though Sakura didn’t take him as his friend at first, he still stood by her. Even though village Konoha never gave him the respect and love he deserved, he stood by them and protected them. It will be hard for him to behave opposite his nature. So, he can never turn into evil unless the creator decides to give a turn like this to the plot.

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