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What Happens to Katie and Greg? The Drama Before Finale

Katie and Greg
Katie and Greg

What happens to Katie and Greg? Bachelorette contestant Greg Grippo has been a major front-runner during the latest season of the show. Moreover, he even received the first impression rose from the beautiful leading lady Katie Thurston.  However, their relationship seems to be ended after a fight on the latest episode. Katie and Greg have had a solid connection ever since the beginning of the show. Thereafter in  week 6, the couple revealed they were falling for each other. We’re nearing the finale of The Bachelorette season 17 and fans are anxious to know will they end up together? After what happened in the last episode, are they still together? Or they had a breakup? Here, speculations are quite high, and people are more curious to know the winner of the show.

We will talk about the Bachelorette season 17 and primarily about Katie and Greg. The following article contains information about the most highlighted pair of The Bachelorette season 17. Firstly we will talk about the couple, and thereafter, we wrap the article by telling you whether they are together or they had a breakup.

What happens to Katie and Greg?

Bachelorette season 17 contestant Greg Grippo with the leading lady Katie Thurston

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Who is Katie Thurston?All about the Leading Lady

Katie Thurston is a well-known name in America after the Bachelor season 25 and is currently the star of The Bachelorette season 17.  She is a television personality and a bank marketing manager. Katie hails from Lynwood, Washington. The 30-year-old beauty also had an interest in sports and played the position of Libero on the volleyball team of her school.

Katie first appeared in season 25 of The Bachelor, where she finished in  11th position and was eliminated after a few weeks. Before being part of the Bachelor season 25, Katie worked as a bank manager.

She is an active social media star and has a huge fan following Instagram and TikTok.

Katie Thurton

The leading lady of Bachelorette season 17, Katie Thurton

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Who is Greg Grippo?

Greg Grippo is a contestant on The Bachelorette season 17 who hails from Edison, New Jersey. He too has an interest in sports and played basketball for St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Grippo is very close to his family and loves to hang out with his niece and nephew. He loves kids and wants 6 kids. He has a brother and a younger sister.

The 28-year-old Bachelorette contestant Greg is an account manager at Mondo, a national marketing staffing agency. Moreover, he has an interest in acting and reportedly pursued a career in acting.

Greg Grippo

The front-runner contestant of Bachelorette season 17, Greg Grippo

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What Happens to  Katie and Greg?

In the latest episode of the Bachelorette season 17, the three remaining contestants set up ‘hometown’ dates. The contestant had to introduce Katie to their families and friends. The first two dates passed very smoothly, and finally, it’s Grippo turn to introduce Katie to his family. The date was amazing, and even Katie told his mother she wants to pursue her relationship with him even after the show.  After the date with his family, he confessed his love to Katie. Thereby Katie also gets a bit emotional, but as already said at the beginning of the show, she won’t reveal who is the love of her life till the finale. But she assured Greg that he is the front runner. As the episode moves further, their sweet conversation turns into an explosive fight. Greg told her to be real, and if she can’t, he is leaving the show and thus her.

Furthermore, during the episode, Katie locked herself in the bathroom and cried. Towards the end of the episode, there was a kind of Memoriam segment appeared, highlighting the two had a breakup.

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The Bachelorette: When is the finale?

The Bachelorette season 17 finale is scheduled to be premiered on 9 August 2021 at 8 pm Eastern standard time. On ABC.  Finally, on August 9, we will know the name of Katie’s  Prince charming.

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