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What Happened to JaMill? The Cheating Allegation on The Youtuber Explained

Jamilll what happened to the couple
What happened to Jamill?

One of the most talked-about hot issues of celebrities in the Philippines has arrived. Just when we thought an internet sensation couldn’t get any warmer from the two Filipino lovers, Camille Trinidad and Jayzam Manabat, it actually did. Recently, the two are making headlines and controversies over an alleged public drama involving the YouTube star JaMill and some other girl from Facebook named Maria Angelica Diaz. This shocking news strikes not just their faithful fans, but the entire Filipinos who are shocked by the infidelity case caught by the public.

What Happened to JaMill? In this article, we are going to break it down.

In an alleged photograph taken by anonymous, the male of the couple, Jayzam Manabat, kissed another girl who is not Camille. This sparked rumors that Jayzam is cheating with Camille and that their relationship is now in peril. This is due to a Facebook post of an account named Maria Angelica Diaz, which went viral just hours afterward. It is shared thousands of times with more than fifty-thousands likes. The lady who posted the viral post initially accused Jayzam Manabat of several offensive behaviors. She said that Jayzam Manabbat from Jamill tried to kiss her, hold her hands, and show malicious intent at her.

Camille Trinidad’s response


Camille Trinidad, the girlfriend of Jayzam Manabat

Not only that, but this young lady also reported this behavior directly to Jyzam Manabat’s girlfriend, Camille Trinidad. Camille’s response, however, was not really pleasant. She handled the shocking news about her boyfriend in a better manner.

After Maria went on to explain what happened and described how Jayzam Manabat offended her, Camille grew seemingly annoyed. She replied with a single offensive word, ‘pokpok,’ which is slang for prostitutes in the Tagalog language.

Now, the original Facebook post previously posted by Maria is gone; people discussed how Maria probably intentionally deleted the post.

There s no further screenshots or information regarding the story. However, Camille Trinidad quickly wet on Instagram just to post a story with a heartbroken emoji.

Later on, Camille Trinidad recently took to Twitter to post a vague message after rumors circulated online that her partner, Jayzam Manabat, has cheated on her.

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Who is actually the JaMill couple?

What happened to jamill

Jamill’s cheating allegations are bowling hot as fans are throwing tantrums to their favorite internet couple.

Jamill is a sensational internet couple with more than 12 million YouTube subscribers around the world. They have been fancied by many people across ages in their origin country Philippines. They post pranks and romantic content together as a couple. The Jamill couple has been posting videos for years and gained so much public attention from all over the Philippines. They used to also post daily vlogs, which spark romantic behavior between them.

Camille Trinidad herself established her own channel first. She is also a talented Filipino YouTuber. Along with her romantic partner Jayzam Manabat, she stars in their humongous popular Youtube channel widely known as Ja Mill. They make YouTube videos together as they appear, doing fun stuff and showing it to their large fanbase. The couple has also built and dedicated fan base who call themselves Mandirigma. Not only that, but they also sell official merchandise of their channels.

Fans reacted to the cheating accusations

The Jamill couple then gathered much support from their fans and subscribers. Even both Camille and Jayzam’s names are going trending on social media like Twitter. This definitely means that Camille Trinidad’s hot tweet did not pass the vibe check by netizens. Many bland speculations are floating up all over the internet just right after the couple vlogger posted the message on her social media. Many people assumed that Camille was actually dissing about Jayzam’s cheating accusations in her latest tweets.

On the other hand, the name of Jayzam Manabat has been contaminated as he was strike into another hot issue in a completely different topic. He has also faced some controversies after two designers called him out for ghosting them.

In the alleged accusation, Jayzam Manabat was seen promoting Mandirigma, a product named copper face mask. This was after he is getting called out by a graphic designer. People on the internet are currently divided on which perspective they are siding on regarding this recent issue about the JaMill couple.

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