If you ever saw American Pickers, you surely remember Frank. But if you saw the last season of American Pickers, you probably noticed that Frank isn’t there. What happened to Frank on American Pickers? Did he lose his job? And if so, why? We’ll try to answer all these questions today in this article for you.

American Pickers is one great show if you like antiques, restoration, and flipping items. For ten years, Frank and Mike traveled across America’s garages buying other people’s junk and flipping it to their antique stores for profit. It’s a great way to learn about cool stuff and all that you can do with your next garage sale.

What Happened to Frank on American Pickers?
Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz in American Pickers

An Abrupt Absence

Fans had no idea what to expect after Frank Fritz abruptly left the show, but no one could have predicted the mountain of controversy between the two boyhood friends. Wolfe expressed his condolences for his longtime friend’s dismissal on Instagram, writing a motivational and inspiring message. But his role in Fritz’s departure didn’t end there. In response to Wolfe’s article, Fritz told the press that he and his co-star had never had a friendly relationship and that “Mike’s comment was bulls**t. Somebody typed it out for him.”

Still, the main problem between the two pickers was a lack of communication during Fritz’s absence from the show. Fritz told The Sun that after a significant back surgery that left him with 185 stitches and two rods in his back, his co-star never called to check on him. “He knows I hurt my back, and everyone in the network knows I hurt my back,” he claims. “But did one person — just one — call to check on me? No.”

What Is American Pickers?

The American Pickers TV show is a popular reality TV series that follows two antique dealers as they travel around the country picking through people’s unwanted junk to find valuable treasures. The show is interesting to watch because it features a lot of surprises, and the guys are always finding something interesting that they can sell for a profit. I’ve been a fan of the show since it first aired, and I always enjoy watching it when I can.

In each episode, the pickers visit different places and try to find the best stuff to buy. They usually have a budget to stick to, so they have to be careful about what they spend their money on. Sometimes they find something really valuable and make a great profit, while others find something that’s not worth much. It’s always exciting to see what they find and for how much they can sell it.

Who Is Frank Fritz?

Frank Fritz is one of the two antique dealers who star in the American Pickers TV show. He’s been a part of the show since it first aired, and he’s always been on the hunt for valuable treasures. He’s a very interesting person to watch on the show, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching him as much as I do.

What Happened to Frank on American Pickers?
Frank and Mike back when they were friends

What Happened To Frank On American Pickers?

After ten years on American Pickers, Frank Fritz is no longer there, but what happened to him? Fritz’s last episode aired in March 2020, and the show has continued without him. And until now, neither History Channel nor the producers have said a word about his disappearance from the show. While rumors centered on the COVID-19 pandemic, arguments with Mike, and back surgery, the truth is that he and Wolf, who’ve been buddies for over four decades, haven’t talked for over two years.

Fritz had to undergo intensive back surgery, the recovery process left him scarred with two massive rods in his spine and over 100 stitches, and when he was in recovery, he never received a phone call from Mike. Since then, they’ve been on their own. While Mike is fully committed to the show, Frank wants his job back, but between his bad back, his drinking problems, and his feud with Mike, it’s unlikely he’ll get his job back.

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