What Happened on Cassi Davis’ Eye On House Of Payne, Did She Have A Stroke?

What Happened on Cassi Davis’ Eye On House Of Payne? Did She Have A Stroke?
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Tyler Perry’s House of Payne returned this year on May 25. Fans were greatly anticipating the new season’s drop anytime soon. The Paynes will be back in action over many quirky, comic episodes. However, the viewers showed concerns over Cassi Davis’ health conditions. Cassi plays the role of Ella Payne. In the latest episode, fans noticed something wrong with her eyes and a slight limp.

Twitter was flooded with questions regarding her health. Some even started thinking if she had a mini-stroke. Cassi cleared all speculations regarding her health and said she didn’t suffer from a stroke. She had earlier explained her health conditions over a local podcast in February, however.

Cassi said that she was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. This is a type of facial paralysis where one part of the facial muscles becomes weak, causing it to droop. This explained the problem with her eyes. Cassi stated that this condition is not a harm to her health, although a bit of distraction. Her husband has left no effort in taking care of her. Cassi has a very loving bond with her husband, Kerry Patton, and this makes it very clear.

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About Cassi Davis:

Cassandra Davis was born on July 31, 1966, in Holly Springs, Mississippi. She graduated from Spelman College with a music major. Her acting career started in Spike Lee’s comedy School Daze (1988). She then appeared in many movies like Silent Bomb, Daddy’s Little Girl, and Madea’s Family Reunion. Her television show career includes Living Single, The PJs, and Boycott. But Cassi is most popular for portraying the character of Ella Payne in House of Payne. Tyler Perry is famous for working with the same actors over long spans. Cassi has appeared in many Perry-directed films and shows too. Cassi married her once childhood love Kerry Paton in 2017.

Cassi Davis on the Show

What Is House Of Payne About?

House of Payne started as syndication in 2006 over WPCH-TV in the Atlanta region. The sitcom gained success, and Turner Broadcasting System requested more episodes. House of Payne started premiering on TBS in 2007. It aired on TBS till 2012 and spanned 8 seasons. The show marked record viewership during its starting phase. It has the record for the highest number of episodes with an African-American cast. The Oprah Winfrey Network ordered for spin-off named The Paynes in 2017. It aired 38 episodes and finished serializing in 2018.

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The story speaks of retired couple Curtis and Ella Payne, who are enjoying their when an unexpected event turns everything upside down. His nephew CJ gets caught up in real estate issues and has to move into Payne’s home. Now the house is filled with three generations, and chaos follows. The family realizes the problems of the huge generation gap. They explore hilarious ways to overcome the ups and downs. This amazing family comedy by Tyler Perry made the show a favorite among viewers. The show is mainly famous for the slapstick comic effects. There are also mentions of dark themes like substance abuse and addiction. The scenes from Payne’s household are mainly their kitchen and living room. Other locations used in the series are the barbershop and firehouse. CJ and Janine’s house was a recent addition. None of the family member’s rooms was ever shown on the show.

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Cast Of House Of Payne

The cast has mostly remained unchanged since the beginning of the show. LaVan Davis portrays the role of uncle Curtis “Pops” Payne, Cassi Davis as Aunt Ella Payne. Allen Payne plays the role of the nephew CJ. Demetria McKinney played Janine, the wife of CJ. CJ and Janine have four children; Malik, Jazmine, and the twins Hayden and Jayden. Malik is played by Larramie Shaw and Jazmine by China Annie McClain. Lance Gross portrays Ella and Curtis’ son Calvin. Calvin’s wife Miranda is played by Keshia Knight Pulliam. They had a newborn baby on the show named Christian. Denise Burse appeared in the recurring roles of Claretha Jenkins. Palmer Williams, Jr. played Curtis’ best friend, Floyd Jackson.

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Where Can You Watch House Of Payne?

House of Payne is currently available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Bet+ and Apple TV. CJ ran into a burning building in the last episode of season 9. The 1st episode of Season 10 named Whiplash, showed the family searching for him. The upcoming episode on June 1 will show what fate holds for CJ.

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