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One Piece

What Episode Does Shanks Meet Whitebeard? The Clash Between Two Yonko Discussed

Shanks standing in front of Whitebeard
Shanks standing in front of Whitebeard

One-Piece anime is not just an anime, it is a hub of mysteries and possibilities. One-Piece is more about Pirates and fights. Every One-Piece fan wants to see Shanks make some move, and we only get a glimpse of him once in several years. Shanks is like a trump card which Oda doesn’t want to play yet. We have seen Shanks meeting with Whitebeard in one of the episodes. What Episode Does Shanks Meet Whitebeard? Today we will discuss in detail that episode, so makes sure you read this article till the end.

Shanks is currently one of the emperors of the Sea, and he is the main reason behind the motivation of Luffy to become a Pirate king. He is like a father figure for Luffy. Shanks is the captain of Red Haired Pirates, withholds a famous name,” AKAGAMI SHANKS”. It is now clear that Shanks holds the extreme mystery within himself as we saw him discussing certain pirates with five elders at Maryjois. So enough talks, let’s jump straight to our topic.

**This article contains spoilers related to One-Piece. Read it at your own risk**

What Episode Does Shanks Meet Whitebeard?

Everyone wants to see the Emperor in action, and what happens if I tell you, there is an event in One-Piece when two Emperor comes face to face and even clash for a short period of time. In Episode 316 of One-Piece, Shanks goes to Whitebeard ship to let Whitebeard know about the threat of Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard. He told Whitebeard to stop Ace from chasing his former crewmate, Blackbeard. He also told him it would be gravely dangerous for Ace to fight alone with that man, but Whitebeard did not agree with him and swung his saber towards Akagami Shanks. Shanks pulls out his sword and stops the Whitebeard’s saber in mid-air. Everyone was very shocked while seeing this, and the sky just broke into two parts. This event shook the whole Sea.

What Episode Does Shanks Meet Whitebeard?

Whitebeard Vs. Shanks

Whitebeard Disagreement Consequences

So, Whitebeard did not agree with Shank’s proposal. So what happened next after that? Let’s discuss. After that, Ace fought with Blackbeard, which resulted in Ace’s treason, and this resulted in a war. Whitebeard and his fleet led a war with Marines, which resulted in The death of Ace and Whitebeard. Many innocent pirates and marines lost their lives. In the end, Akagami Shanks stopped the war and saved everyone from Blackbeard. I skipped many points from here because the paramount war is one of the most important and epic arcs in One-Piece, so you should definitely watch it to know the answer to some hidden questions. So we hope you get the answer to your questions.

What Episode Does Shanks Meet Whitebeard?

Portgas D. Ace From ‘One Piece’, C(Toei Animations)

Akagami Shanks Abilities

Now let’s talk about the abilities of Shanks. Currently, we don’t know every detail of Shanks but what we know is, he is indeed a very powerful pirate. He holds the rank of Emperor even without his one hand, which is not an easy task. He is a master haki user, as we saw in Episode 316, how he defeated Whitebeard pirates only with his haki. He was the former pirate at Roger’s ship and held one of the best Wazamono grade swords. His rival is Mihawk, so it would be safe to assume that he would be equal or par with Mihawk. He also has some connections with World Government, but exact details are still unknown.

What Episode Does Shanks Meet Whitebeard?


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More About One-Piece Anime

One-Piece is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. One-Piece is currently one of the most selling Manga in the world. The story revolves around Luffy, who aspires to become king of pirates someday. Akagami Shanks inspired him to become a great pirate and find the legendary treasure One-Piece. Later Luffy starts his journey and recruits amazing members with the different roles assigned to everyone. They fought many powerful pirates and saved many lives in their journey. The anime is still ongoing, and the crew is at Wano, fighting with Kaido, the Emperor of the Sea.

What Episode Does Shanks Meet Whitebeard?

One Piece (1997- present)

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