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What Episode Does Naruto Unlock Kyuubi Mode?

What episode does Naruto unlock Kyuubi mode?
What episode does Naruto unlock Kyuubi mode?

What episode does Naruto unlock Kyuubi Mode? What is Naruto Uzumaki like? Did he get to see his parents? Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of Naruto verse. The Naruto series is created and written by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden are both animated by Studio Pierrot. It premiered in Japan on October 3, 2002, and reached its end on February 8, 2007, After 200 episodes on Tokyo TV. Naruto: Shippuden Sequel to Naruto, is also developed by Studio Pierrot, first aired on February 15, 2007, and it reached its end on March 23, 2017. 

The Naruto animated series as a whole is an emotional rollercoaster as we watch our beloved characters sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Naruto is by nature kind and considerate of his friends. He’s reckless, dumb, and foolish, but when it comes to protecting his friends, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Naruto is the Jinchuriki of a Nine-tailed demon fox – Kurama. Kurama is the most powerful tailed beast, he is filled with hatred and vengeance because people saw him only as a weapon to keep their supremacy and territories and wage war. 

Naruto was made Jinchuriki at the moment he was born under some very tragic circumstances. The village was attacked by Nine-Tails, with Masked Madara pulling strings behind the scenes. Namikaze Minato was the Hokage at that time. Minato had the responsibility to protect the village, and to fulfill that duty as a Hokage, he sacrificed himself along with his wife. Minato sealed half of Nine tails chakra inside Naruto and died with the rest of the half inside him. Minato had hopes that someday Naruto would tame the Nine tails inside of him and protect the entire shinobi world if another Shinobi World War is waged. So, What episode does Naruto unlock Kyuubi mode?

What led Naruto to unlock Kyuubi mode?

The Fourth Great Ninja was about to begin and to battle on par with enemies like Madara. Naruto needed complete access to the power of Nine-Tails. Naruto trained with his fellow Jinchuriki Killer B, who was already in command of 100% power of Eight-Tails. Kurama is filled with hatred towards humans since he is forced to stay with a Jinchuriki. There have been several occasions when Kurama was controlled with the visual prowess of Mangekyuou Sharingan and forced to fight their battles.

How does Naruto Unlock Kyuubi Mode?

Unlocking Kyuubi was no piece of cake, and Naruto was no stranger to this. Naruto has had a very difficult childhood. He lost his parents just moments after he was born. He was made Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox – Kurama. Naruto was hated and rejected by the whole village because of his status as Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. He made it his life’s mission to become Hokage to earn their acknowledgment. All that hate and resentment from the village was still inside of Naruto even though he wasn’t aware of it. To command the full power of Nine Tails, he first had to accept all that hatred and resentment so it could not be used against him by Kurama. Naruto accepts his Evil Self during his training at the “Waterfall of Truth” with Killer B.

What Episode Does Naruto Unlock Kyuubi Mode?

Naruto and Kurama

After successfully accepting his evil self at “Waterfall of Truth,” Killer B took Naruto to a huge hall where there were statues with their heads missing and consisting of large round walls. Killer Bee describes Naruto what he needs to do in order to command Kurama’s 100% power. Naruto needs to stick his chakra onto Kurama’s chakra, then he will have to pull Kurama’s chakra. In simple words, it will be like a match of tug of war in which Naruto has to emerge victorious in order to take control of Kurama’s chakra.

What episode does Nauto unlock Kyuubi Mode? Kushina Uzumaki makes an appearance.

It was easier said than done, Kurama is not gonna just hand over his chakra to Naruto without putting up a fight. While Naruto is trying to take control of Kurama’s chakra, Kurama is gonna try and do the same. Naruto unlocks the seal, as soon as he does so, Kurama attacks Naruto. Even with the help of Killer Bee, Kurama has the upper hand. Naruto manages to land a Rasenshuriken on Kurama’s stomach, but that wasn’t nearly enough to keep him down. Kurama starts sticking his hateful chakra onto naruto, using his childhood memories to render him completely defenseless. As Kurama was just about to succeed, a certain Beautiful Red Head with a short temper and habit of using weird phrases made her appearance.

Naruto and kushina

Naruto and Kushina

Just as Kurama’s hateful chakra was taking over Naruto, Kushina Uzumaki makes her appearance. Minato embedded Kushina’s Chakra in the sealing formula as well, so when the time comes, Kushina can lend a hand to Naruto in his fight to take control of Kurama’s powers. Kushina’s appearance gave Naruto an edge in this fight. Kushina played a huge role in Tug of War for chakra. Kushina restrained Kurama with chakra chains while Naruto pulled Kurama’s chakra from him by blowing him away using Rasengan barrage and Giant Rasengan. Naruto Unlock Kyuubi mode in episode 246, “The orange spark” of Naruto Shippuden.

Consequences of him unlocking Kyuubi Mode:

Naruto gets covered in the Orange aura of the Nine-Tails Chakra after unlocking the Kyuubi Mode. In this mode, Naruto’s strength and speed increase drastically. Naruto is able to sense negative emotions in this chakra as well as his ability to sense chakra is also heightened. He is also able to use chakra arms just like other tailed beasts. In this form, Naruto is fast enough to surpass even Raikage. Kyuubi mode also provides really high durability, resulting in Naruto surviving extreme heat with just minor burns. Because of Kurama’s yang chakra in this form, Wood release techniques will react to chakra’s life-giving properties and mature into fully grown trees within a matter of seconds, either by contact or close range.

You can watch Naruto: Shippuden on Crunchyroll.

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