What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile? All About The Former Warlord Of The Sea

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What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?
What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?

Today, we are going to analyze the fight of Luffy with the Crocodile. This is one of the most extreme fights of Luffy in the series, which pushed him to his edge. We will also discuss the personality of the Crocodile, which is a little difficult to understand. This single article will cover your journey to Albasta. So hold tight, we are jumping straight to the Albasta Kingdom.

Crocodile or Sir Crocodile is the former president of the criminal organization Baroque Works. He runs the organization under the codename Mr.0 with Nico Robin(Miss All Sunday) as a vice president. He was the main antagonist of the Albasta of Arabasta arc. He was the first enemy of Luffy, who defeated him very badly and gave a tough competition to Mugiwaras. He was one of the seven warlords of the sea, but after facing defeat from Luffy, his title was taken by Marines and sent to Impel Down. But with the help of Luffy, he managed to escape from Impel Down and took part in the war as an ally to Luffy. Let’s move forward and see some more things about him.

What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?

What Episode Does Luffy Fights Crocodile? This question is often asked by many One-Piece fans because the Albasta saga is quite long, and they wanted to watch the fight beforehand. So don’t worry, we will help you to discover. Luffy fights Crocodile in the 110th episode of Anime. After escaping from Rain Dinners, Luffy and his crew reached Alubarna, where the fight took place. Luffy attacks Crocodile with Gomu Gomu punches, but they are all ineffective against Crocodile. The Crocodile was the master user of sand, so all attacks of Luffy were passing from Crocodile. When Luffy was very injured, he figured out a technique to tackle Crocodile’s sand. He filled his stomach with Water and fought the Crocodile with water and his power. The Crocodile was unable to invade attacks of Luffy after getting wet since sand becomes fragile after getting wet. This way, Luffy defeated the Crocodile and saved Albasta from civil war.

What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?
Luffy vs. Crocodile

Abilities Of Sir Crocodile:

Now, let’s take a look at the Abilities of Sir Crocodile. The Crocodile ate the Suna Suna no Mi, which allowed him to manipulate and control sand. His body was converted into sand-like abilities, which became quite a difficult problem for Luffy to tackle. His powers in the desert become exponentially powerful as he can access a large number of powers from his surrounding. Apart from devil fruit, he is extremely intelligent and cunning. He operates Baroque works by keeping World Government in dark under the name of Mr.0. He is a great strategist who makes plans with fewer chances to fail. As a weapon, he uses a hook to tackle enemies in close range. He lands severe wounds on Luffy by using his hook. He also tried to kill Whitebeard with his hook but eventually Failed in the end.

What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?
Sir Crocodile

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More About One-Piece Anime:

One-Piece is a Japanese shonen anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. One-Piece is the highest-selling manga in the world. The story follows Luffy, a boy from East Blue who aspires to become Pirate King after getting inspired by Akagami Shanks. He aimed to find the legendary treasure One-Piece, which Roger announced at the time of his execution. He started his journey on a small boat and eventually recruited amazing crewmates who had their own dreams. He named his crew Straw hats or Mugiwaras. Currently, the anime is still ongoing with over 995+ episodes and 1000+ manga chapters. The crew is at Wano country and fighting with Kaido, the emperor of the sea. We still don’t know how long will anime and manga will run, but the extremely good character development and versatile storyline won’t let you get bored. So it is a highly recommended anime for any shonen anime fan.

What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?
One Piece (1997- present)

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