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What Episode Does Kira Use Bites The Dust in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

JOJO's Bizarre Adventure
What Episode Does Kira Use "Bites The Dust"? Cr: OtakuKart

We’ve been on the bumpy ride of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure together. But, certain powers and abilities catch our attention. Such is “Bites The Dust” of Yoshikage Kira. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure never ceased to amaze us. But, what amazed us more was the powers, abilities, the stands, and the stand users. Sure, in real life, none of it makes sense, but the way this Bizarre Adventure dragged us into its story is something we can’t stop thinking about. “Bites The Dust” is such a standability that left us standing with our mouths wide open.

But, what exactly is the ability of “Bites The Dust”? Who is Yoshikage Kira? And when did Kira use “Bites The Dust”? Which episode showed the capabilities of Kira’s “Bites The Dust”? We all need answers, don’t we? Good thing, we are here to provide you with the answers you desire.

From knowing about this mysteriously overpowered stand ability to knowing about which episode was the one where Kira used his “Bites The Dust”, you will get to know everything you want to know and everything you did not know about. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

Who Is Yoshikage Kira?

One can either be a protagonist or an antagonist. But Yoshikage Kira is both. In “Diamond is Unbreakable” Kira is the main antagonist. Whereas, in the short spinoff “Dead Man’s Questions” he is the protagonist. As the name suggests, Kira is a serial killer. He was unnoticed and undisturbed for years most of his life. But things started changing for him when Reimi Sugimoto, his first victim’s ghost, begs the Joestar group to find him out for justice. Yoshikage Kira would have stayed unnoticed, but he made the mistake of attracting unwanted attention when he killed Shigekiyo Yangu. What makes him abnormal is his frequent murderous impulses.

bites the dust

Yoshikage Kira

But, Yoshikage Kira is not an ordinary serial killer. He is Stand User, and his Stand is not a weak one. His Stand and its disastrous abilities are one of the reasons why we all were left with explosions in our heads. If you understood what we meant by ‘explosions’ then yes, you are a true JoJo fan. But, those who could not understand, don’t worry. The next section explains what it meant.

Kira’s Stand And Stand Abilities

Yoshikage Kira’s Stand is the infamous Killer Queen who can wipe out objects as well as people from the face of the planet entirely. And in the previous section, this is what we meant by ‘explosion’. Killer Queen is all about explosions and each type of explosion will blow your mind differently.

bites the dust

Kira’s Stand – Killer Queen

  1. Bomb Transmutation/ Bomb#1: A single touch of Killer Queen can charge explosive energy to any object, and further, it gets transferred to the first person to touch that object. Rest is all in the hand of the legendary stand.
  2. Sheer Heart Attack/ Bomb#2: We all know what a homing missile does, right? Well, this ability is quite similar to that. Killer Queen’s left-hand releases some stuff that acts like a homing missile and tracks its target down. Rest you can imagine what happens. The explosion of course.
  3. Bites The Dust/ Bomb#3: This explosion is a special kind of explosion which follows up with a time loop. And this explosion occurs only to those who end up knowing their identity of Kira. Convenient right? This ability keeps Kira’s identity secret. More details are shared in the next section.

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What Is “Bites The Dust”?

“Bites The Dust” is Killer Queen’s tertiary bomb and this bomb looks like a small Killer Queen, which is planted into a host. This bomb activates as soon as Kira’s identity is revealed to the host. And everyone who is exposed to the secret of Kira will also become the victim of this explosion. This doesn’t stop here. Following this explosion, a time loop is created that takes the victim back about one hour before the explosion. And this is something that even Kira doesn’t know happened. That’s how his identity always remains a secret. And just like “Sheer Heart Attack”, “Bites The Dust” is released from Killer Queen’s Right Hand.

JOJO's Bizarre Adventure

Bites The Dust

Moreover, “Bites The Dust” doesn’t allow its victims to get harmed by any other means. Once they get targeted, they are only meant to explode once Kira’s identity is revealed. Even Kira can’t hurt these victims if “Bites The Dust” gets planted into them.

What Episode Does Kira Use “Bites The Dust”?

Kira uses his “Bites The Dust” in the “Another One Bites The Dust” Arc. And this happened in Episode 35 of Season 3 “Diamond Is Unbreakable”. Overall, we got to see the capabilities of this ability in the 109th episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

bites the dust

Season 3 Episode 35 – Kira Uses “Bites The Dust”

If you haven’t watched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure yet, then it’s a perfect moment to start watching it. You can easily watch it on Crunchyroll. And for further updates from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, stay tuned with OtakuKart.

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