What Do We Know About Sarah Palin’s Affair? Is The Former Governor Dating Someone?

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Sarah Palin’s Affair
Sarah And Todd Palin

Want to know all about the ongoing rumors about Sarah Palin’s Affair? Political figure Sarah Palin has earlier served as the 9th governor of Alaska for three years until her resignation in 2009. Palin has also been the first Republican female vice presidential nominee. Apart from her political career, her book Going Rogue has been an absolute favorite for book lovers while selling more than two million copies.

While Sarah Palin enjoyed a thriving political career, she was also involved in several controversies over the years. With alleged claims of illicit affairs and drug abuse, Sarah Palin’s life has been subjected to immense media scrutiny. In 2020, the former governor participate in the hit Fox show, The Masked Singer 2020. Sarah Palin recently sparked romance rumors with an Ice Hockey star. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about Sarah Palin’s Affair.

What Do We Know About Sarah Palin’s Affair?

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been making controversies with several new facts arising about her personal life. From cocaine-related issues to allegedly having affairs with NBA stars, the political figure has landed into some major trouble! Earlier in January this year, it was reported that the former governor has been seeing retired New York Rangers star Ron Duguay.

Sarah Palin’s Affair
Sarah Palin And Ron Duguay

The New York Rangers star was earlier spotted with Sarah at Elio’s on the Upper East Side, which further fuelled these rumors. However, an insider has claimed that the two are just good friends and have been acquainted through their mutual interest in hockey. Not only that, but Sarah Palin was recently spotted with Ron as she arrived at the Manhattan federal courthouse.

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Why Did Todd Palin File For Divorce From Sarah Palin?

Todd Palin filed for divorce against the former governor in late 2019. The reason behind the split was cited as incompatibility of temperament between the parties, which made it impossible to live together as husband and wife. The divorce was later finalized in March 2020. The couple shares five children, including Bristol, whom fans have seen on television programs such as Celebrity Wife Swap. Take a look at the social media post as she talks about running for office again.

In an explosive book written by Joe McGinniss, it was mentioned that the former political figure had issues and would lock herself in her room for hours on end while asking for some privacy and not to be disturbed while her children cooked themselves dinner. While Todd Palin and Sarah Palin are not together, Todd earlier came in his then wife’s defense while stating that the book is full of lies and smears while accusing Mr McGinniss of being obsessed with his wife. Todd further added that the statements were nothing but sheer gossip and has no constructive base. 

A Tell-All Book Makes Shocking Claims About Sarah Palin!

A tell-all book has earlier made such shocking revelations about the former governor that it surely put her in negative lighting. The book titled, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, released a while ago, claimed that Sarah had cocaine off a 55-gallon oil drum! That’s not all as it was further claimed that the political figure has ongoing affairs with a known NBA star and also with one of her husband’s business partners. Todd Palin has denied all these claims while further stating that the book is full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears. He further called the subject material petty and claimed that it chases caustic, unsubstantiated gossip.

Sarah Palin’s Affair
Sarah Palin

While these claims had proven to be problematic and might have affected the former governor’s social image, it was further reported that Sarah was involved with her husband’s friend Brad Hanson, who had a snowmobile dealership, and later Todd had to dissolve the business due to the ongoing betrayal. Not to forget how it was also revealed in the book that Sarah Palin was involved with basketball star Glen Rice. The writer had earlier written a 1968 book based on Richard Nixon, The Selling of the President.

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