What Can Quantum Realm Suits Do In Avengers: Endgame?

As the various trailers have hit the market, we can see that the Avengers are wearing a new cool suit. What are the functions of this suit? Well, one of the most obvious functions and the function that most theories suggest this suit does is that it allows the Avengers to enter the Quantum Realm of time.

Thus, this could mean that the Avengers travel back in time to undo what Thanos has done right now and brought back the heroes that we have lost due to Thanos’ devilish plans. But does the suit have any more abilities then just letting them time travel? Well, another theory has come up which suggests that the watch like things that the Avengers are wearing along with their suits have a pretty amazing function as well.

The theory suggests that this wrist device will allow the Avengers to blend in any time period that they go to. For Example, if they go several years back in time wearing their current clothes, they will stand out too much and attract attention more than they want.

So, in order to deal with this problem these wrist devices might have some super advanced nanotechnology which will allow them to change their appearance any time they want.

This will be a pretty cool piece of technology. We’ve already seen Tony Stark using nanotechnology in the last version of the Avengers movie. Also, recently the Captain Marvel movie also had some impressive technology which enables Captain Marvel to change the appearance of her suit.

Since she is also a part of this movie, it is very much possible that we’ll get to see this sort of nanotechnology used in the new Avengers movie. So, let us see what the functions of these Quantum Realm Suits really are when the movie is out.

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