What Are The Total Number of ‘Our Blues’ Episodes?

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Our Blues
Our Blues

‘Our Blues’ is a romantic life drama. It tells the story of many people whose lives are interconnected. The total number of ‘Our Blues’ episodes have different dimensions. It is a story about many people who are living their lives in different places and have a different journeys. However, in the end, they all have a link that connects them to each other. Lee Dong Suk sells trucks for a living, he lives on Jeju island. He meets a mysterious girl Min Sun Ah who shifts there to escape her past. Whereas, Park Jung Joon is a fisherman on Jeju Island. His love story begins when he meets Lee Young Ok. She is a deep-sea diver with a cheerful personality.

Finally, the third couple, Jung Eun Hee and Choi Han Soo are past lovers who reunite after many years. It is an ongoing drama and the first episode of ‘Our Blues’ was released on 9th April and the last episode is expected to air on 12th June 2022. There are many actors who have made the drama even more enjoyable for the audience. The actors who made the drama memorable are Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Cha Seung Won, and many more. A total of fourteen actors starred in the main roles. Furthermore, the drama is written by Noh Hee Kyung and the directors are Kim Kyu Tae and Lee Jung Mook.

Total Number of ‘Our Blues’ Episodes

The story of ‘Our Blues’ covers many people who live on Jeju Island. The total number of ‘Our Blues’ Episodes is twenty. It is an ongoing drama and sixteen episodes have been released.

our blues
our blues

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‘Our Blues’ Episode 1-5 Synopsis

The ‘Our Blues’ first episode starts with an old memory. Choi Han-Su leaves Jeju island and goes to the city many years ago. However, after realizing that the city is not the right place for him, he comes back to his hometown. Here he meets his past lover Jung Eun Hee. Following this, both of them start to make a strong bong and this leaves  Eun-hui’s friend a bit concerned. Finally, in ‘Our Blues’ episode 3 she discovers the secret that Han-Su has been keeping from everyone. As the story progress, we see the story of other characters, Park Jeong-jun is harassed by her admirer and she decides to chase him off. However, this is not appreciated by other fishermen. 

‘Our Blues’ Episode 6-10 Synopsis

As the story of other people is already in progress at Jeju Island, Min Seon-a decides to head there to change her life. Seeing her back brings up a lot of memories for Lee Dong-Seok. However, they are not the only couple facing an awkward situation. Yeong-Ju and Hyeon are facing an accidental pregnancy. After hiding it for a while, they decide to tell their fathers the truth.

When Bang Ho-sik and Jung In-gwon do not accept their children’s situation, Yeong-Ju decides to leave the house. Moreover, Don Seok faces the same situation as Seon-a disappears. He leaves to find her, and when he does he gets all the answers that he had for a long time but never asked. Following this, Seon-a has a very big decision to make. However, she has to wait till her son’s birthday is over. She heads back to Seoul with Dong-Seok for it.

‘Our Blues’ Episode 11-18 Synopsis

All the fishermen do not like Jeong-jun because of how she treated one of their own. Because of this, they cast out Yeong-ok as he is in love with her. Not being bothered by this, he goes on a date with her. Following this, a new character enters Eun-hui’s life.

number of 'our blues' episodes
number of ‘our blues’ episodes

Eun-hui is on edge as all the villagers welcome Mi-ran and the situation becomes even worse when she reads Eun-hui’s diaries. Other than her Hyeon Chun-hui also has her hands full as her grandaughter comes to live with her for two weeks. However, she is worried that something might be wrong and overhears a conversation that breaks her heart. Also, Dong-Seok is in pain when he hears major news about his mother.

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