What Are The Powers and Abilities of Upper Moon 5 Gyokko?

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If you ever encounter a beautiful pot on the roadside, think twice before approaching it. Who knows, Upper Moon 5 Gyokoo can be residing inside it. For those who are unaware of him, he is the fish-like demon who almost choked Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito to death. You can call him the crazier version of Deidara, who thinks about nothing except his own art. We know how extremely sadistic he was from the fact that he stitched the bodies of seven swordsmiths with swords just for his new art piece. Here, we have brought together everything about the powers and abilities of Gyokko.

Coming to his appearance, he is the most bizarre-looking demon that we have come across so far. With his unevenly distributed body parts, distorted face, and multiple pairs of infant’s arms, he hardly looks like a humanoid. However, in desperate situations, when he transforms into his true form, he looks a lot like a merman.

Gyokko’s Early Life

Before turning into a demon, Gyokko was a young fisherman named Managi. His life was far from normal, and he was hated throughout the village for stealing away fishing jars. Adding salt to his injury, he lost his parents (who were fishermen) in a storm, and their dead bodies were found badly damaged in debris. That’s the final push that completely snapped his mental stability. A few days later, he killed a child who was teasing him and stuffed him in his fishing jar. The child’s parents soon found that out and stabbed him with fishing forks. He was left for dying when Muzan found him and decided to make him one of his strongest demons.

Gyokko Powers and Abilities
Gyokko as human (fanart by saphirune)

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Gyokko’s Powers and Abilities

Like all other high-ranking demons, Gyokko was extremely good at endurance and regeneration. What sets him apart from the rest is his ability to teleport from one pot to another, making him extremely hard to catch. In his invasion of the swordsmith village, he spawned multiple fish-like demons who took care of the demon slayer corps guarding the village. Moreover, he can even summon small fish-like creatures from his pot that immobilize his target with their poisoned spines.

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Gyokko Powers and Abilities
Muichiro Tokito killed Gyokko

He showcased most of his abilities in his fight with Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito, whom he imprisoned in his water prison for the most part of the fight. Later on, when all his transporting pots were destroyed, he revealed his true form with webbed limbs and transparent scales. That’s not all, he even summoned ten thousand gliding slime fishes that eat up the target within minutes. Even if you split those fishes, it turns into poisonous liquid before disintegrating into dust. Lastly, coming to his non-combat ability, he is extremely skilled at carving pots, and I am sure Muzan made quite some money selling them in the market.

Who Killed Gyokko?

Mist Hashira Muchirio Tokito killed upper Moon 5 Gyokko after he escaped from the Water Prison pot technique. It seems that Gyokko wasted too much time toying with the swordsmiths, giving Muchirio enough time to awaken his demon slayer mark. Gyokko lost his mind in anger after Muchirio made fun of his art and destroyed all of his pots. Nothing went according to Gyokko’s plan from there, and he kept making one after another.

Gyokko Powers and Abilities
Muichiro Tokito killed Gyokko

If it wasn’t for Gyokko’s arrogant and overconfident approach, there was no wat he would have lost to Muchirio. Gyokko resorted to his final transformation that looked like a merman, and he claimed that he could turn anything into fish simply by touching. However, he didn’t get a chance to show off his abilities since Muchirio defeated him with his Obscuring Clouds technique right after the transformation. Muchiro was pale with poison when the fight ended and fainted immediately. It took him weeks to fully recover and get back to his Hashira training.

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