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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

What are the Powers and Abilities of Upper Moon 4 Hantengu?

Demon Slayer
Upper Moon 4 Hantengu

Upper Moon 4 Hantengu was the demon who was appointed with the mission of taking down the Swordsmith village with Gyokko, thereby resulting in a heavy blow for the demon slayer corps. With his almost immortal body, he was one of the most annoying demons to deal with. He kept on dividing into six different demons, with each having its own traits and personality. Here, we have brought together everything about the powers and abilities of Hantengu.

Hantengu was far more than just a supporting antagonist in the Swordsmith village arc. He showed his loyalty towards Muzan until the end and relayed the information about Nezuko’s resistance to the sun moments before his death. In other words, he kick-started the final showdown between Hashiras and Muzan over Nezuko. If Tanjiro was a little late in pin-pointing Hantengu’s actual body, Love Hashira Kanroji would have been in serious trouble.

Hantengu’s Early Life

Hantengu was evil even back in his human days and committed many serious crimes. He robbed and murdered people without showing the slightest bit of hesitation, and yet he bluntly claimed himself as innocent. This trait became worse after he transformed into a demon, and he kept denying his crimes even after eating scores of people. After years, he was eventually captured for his crimes and was given a death sentence.

Demon Slayer

Upper Moon 4 Hantengu

Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon kingpin, found him imprisoned in a cell and turned him into a demon. The first thing he did with his new powers was killing the official who imprisoned him. In his dying moments, the official cursed that he would be punished for his sins somedays, which eventually turned out to be true.

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Hantengu’s Powers and Abilities

Don’t get deceived by Hantengu’s weak and shaky appearance; he is extremely troublesome to deal with. He possesses the unique Blood Demon art of splitting into different clones of himself every time he is split into half. Apart from that, he is extremely durable as neither Genya‘s bullet nor Tanjiro’s chipped sword could cut through his nape. Here, we have listed the powers and abilities of each of his clones.


Sekido’s Blood Demon art allows him to generate a huge amount of electricity in the form of Khakkhara or thunderbolts. The ability goes well with his explosive nature, and he never holds back before his opponent. His attacks have a huge area effect and can paralyze anyone within its range. However, one drawback to his technique is that his lightning bolts cannot pass through the body parts of the other clones.


Karaku is the personification of Hantengu’s laziness and is the most relaxed or laid back among all his clones. We know he is the strongest among all the clones from the fact that he ripped Nezuko’s arms with his bare hands. Coming to his Blood Demon art, he can generate strong wind with his maple-shaped uchiwa. He blew Muichiro flying by a single swing of his weapon. However, as a drawback, the same technique was used against him when Nezuko got his hands on the Uchiwa.

Demon Slayer

Clones of Hantengu (fanart by @detectiveconank)


Like all the high-ranking demons, Aizetsu had a very high speed of regeneration. Even when Genya blew off his head in a gunshot, he healed himself back within seconds. Aizetsu’s Blood Demon art allows him to project his yari (weapon) over a long distance without losing the slightest precision. In other words, he is the demon that everyone should be worried about.


Urogi can mimic the abilities of mythological and avian creatures like angelic wings and scary-looking talons. His body is extremely light, thereby allowing him to fly around swiftly. With his Blood Demon art, he can emit supersonic sound waves, much like we have seen in superhero movies. Urogi’s scream was so strong that he made Tanjiro bleed from his nose and ears.

Demon Slayer

Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji fought Hantengu’s clone


Zehakuten’s aura is more than enough to kill any normal human. He choked Tanjiro and caused immense pain in his chest just by a mere gaze. Apart from that, he has complete control over his surrounding flora, thanks to his Blood Demon art. He can trap anyone inside a forest with his wood manipulation and use the same technique to attack his opponents.


Urami is the sixth clone of Hantengu inside whom his soul resides. He is the key to defeating Hantengu and often stays hidden from his opponents. His Blood Demon art of size alteration allows him to shrink into an extremely small body to avoid getting caught.

Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado found the sixth clone of Hantengu and killed him

Who Killed Hantengu?

Tanjiro Kamado killed the sixth clone of Hantengu inside whom his soul resided after receiving his newly polished sword from Muichiro. He sliced open the demon in which Hantengu’s shrunk body was present and chopped off his head in a single slice. Not to mention, Hantengu was fast at escaping, and Tanjiro had to resort to Thunder breathing for a while to catch up with him.

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