What Are The Powers and Abilities of Upper Moon 2 Doma?

Doma powers and abilities
Upper Moon 2 Doma

From Rui to Akaza, we felt a surge of grief every time a demon crumbled into dust. Upper Moon 2 Doma being the only exception, the apathetic demon for whom we didn’t feel a shred of regret when he died. He became a demon decades after Akaza but yet managed to obtain higher ranks. Well, we don’t expect anything less from the monster who kept devouring his own devotees for years. Here, we have brought together everything about the powers and abilities of Doma.

He may seem like a charismatic and gentle demon, but he can become your worst nightmare. I doubted his mental stability from his disturbing obsession with devouring young women. He profoundly believed that he saved everyone he devoured from the sufferings of life. According to him, all his prey have achieved immortality by becoming a part of him. Now that’s some messed-up mindset, and I don’t even know how I should react to that.

Doma’s Early Life

Doma was a special child born with beautiful eyes. The priests immediately recognized him as a messenger of God and started worshipping him. Hundreds of people used to come to him and search for a way to go to heaven after death. However, he was well aware that nothing like heaven or hell exists, and he grew more and more apathetic towards his devotees’ suffering.

Doma powers and abilities
Doma being worshipped in the temple

Doma’s mother got tired of her husband’s obsession with other girls, and she stabbed him to death, followed by killing herself with the same knife. Even in such a situation, Doma showed absolutely no grief, and he complained that the room felt stuffy because of the blood. After willingly becoming a demon, he kept devouring his female devotees. He was extremely fond of Inosuke’s mother, whom he decided to keep alive. However, Inosuke’s mother tried to expose Doma’s monstrosity, ultimately resulting in getting herself killed.

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Powers and Abilities of Doma

Dome uses a pair of Japanese fans as his weapons, before which even the best katanas break. He was the most intelligent among all the Upper Moons and had a strategic outlook on every situation. As a testimony of his strength, he bluntly claimed that Upper Demon 3 Akaza didn’t stand a chance before him in a fair fight.

Doma powers and abilities
Upper Moon 2 Doma

His Blood Demon art is highly associated with the chilly environment that the demons generally prefer. He can easily freeze anyone within his range without showing the slightest killing instinct. Moreover, he emits a chilly air that makes it hard for anyone around him to breathe. Thus, anyone relying on total concentration breath could never lay a finger on him. Once the opponent is out of breath, he kills the enemy with razor-sharp shards of ice.

Coming to some of his complicated techniques, he can create ice clones of himself who are almost as deadly as him. Under desperate situations, he can even create an enormous Bodhisattva statue that freezes everything around him, thereby giving him just enough time to heal his injuries before it gets any worse.

Who Killed Upper Moon 2 Doma?

Shinobu Kocho, Kanao Tsuyuri, and Inosuke Hashibara killed Doma with their perfectly executed plan. Shinobu knew that Doma would show up in the final showdown between the demons and Hashiras, so he thought of a strategy to kill the overpowered demon. He learned about Doma’s weakness towards young women from her sister, so he decided to use herself as the bait.

Doma powers and abilities
Shinobu Kocho killed Doma

Over the last few days before the fight, he absorbed 37 kilograms worth of concentrated Wisteria-based poison, which is enough to kill an army of demons. She knew that Doma wouldn’t resist eating her, so it was a sure-shot way of killing him. As insurance, she taught Kanao the final form of Flower breathing, Equinoctial Vermilion Eye. It raised Kanao’s kinetic vision to a whole new vision, and she reached Doma’s snape, avoiding all his techniques. However, Kanao’s katana couldn’t chop off Doma’s head, and that’s when Inosuke threw his pair of chipped swords as the finishing blow. 

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