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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

What are the Powers and Abilities of Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo?

Demon Slayer
What are the powers and abilities of Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo?

After Muzan’s shameful defeat in the hands of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, he acknowledged for a total concentration breathing demon. Now, who could have been better than the brother of the samurai who haunts him in the nightmares? Yes, you read it right. Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo was the brother of the greatest Demon Slayer of all time and the first practitioner of Sun breathing. Muzan exploited Kokushibo’s insecurity over an untimely death, thereby convincing him to manifest into a demon. Here, we have brought together everything about the powers and abilities of Kokushibo.

Upper Moon 1 was Muzan’s greatest asset and the only demon whom he relied on the most. Kokushibo served the demon kingpin for centuries and kept polishing his Moon breathing with each battle. All the other demons, including Doma and Akaza, saw him as the pinnacle of Muzan’s creation. By the time of the Infinity castle arc, Kokushibo had mastered 16 different forms of Moon breathing, each of which is more than enough to take down a Hashira.

Kokushibo’s Early Life

As I said in the beginning, Kokushibo was Yoriichi’s twin brother. As a child, Kokushibo was pampered for not having marks on his face and was brought up as his father’s successor. He wanted to be a samurai, so he was trained by the best fighters of the land from a young age. On the other hand, Yoriichi was looked down upon by everyone and was given a small room to live in. He never spoke a word and watched Kokushibo from a distance every day. A time came when Kokushibo felt pity for his brother and handed him a flute to play with.

Demon Slayer

Kokushibo’s twin brother, Yoriichi Tsugikuni

However, it didn’t take long for the tables to turn. One fateful day, Yoriichi defeated Kokushibo’s master in a fight, thereby revealing his true abilities. The news reached their father’s ears in no time and he turned towards Yoriichi for the new successor. Seeing his dreams falling apart, Kokushibo despised his brother from the bottom of his heart for being the superior sibling. Thankfully, Yoriichi had no greed for the throne, so he ran away after his mother’s death.

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How Did Kokushibe Become a Demon?

With Yoriichi gone, Kokushibo had the life he desired. He became his father’s successor, married a girl, and had a beautiful family. Deep down, he still felt jealous for being the second choice but decided to live with it. However, destiny had other plans for him. After years, he came across his brother again, who saved him from a demon. The flames of envy were reignited the moment he saw how perfect a man Yoriichi had become.

Demon Slayer

Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo

He left his family and joined the Demon Slayer Corps. Even after much effort, he couldn’t master Sun breathing, so he came up with his new technique, the Moon breathing. Over the years, his swordsmanship skills improved drastically, and he eventually unleashed his Demon Slayer mark. The sky fell upon him when the mark bearers kept dying one after another. With the fear of meeting his destiny before surpassing his brother, he agreed to become when Muzan offered him to. He desired the long life expectancy of demons to polish his swordsman techniques, hoping to surpass Yoriichi someday.

Powers and Abilities of Kokushibo

Kokushibo’s regeneration speed and endurance are closest to that of Muzan. Just what you expect from the swordsman who received the most amount of Muzan’s blood. You know how strong he is from that that he dominated Himejima, Sanemi, Muichiro, and Genya all at once for the most part of the fight. His swordsman skills have reached a whole new dimension after centuries of training. In the Infinity Castle arc, he showcased twelve different forms of Moon breathing and his ability to step into the transparent world.

Demon Slayer

Kokushibo’s katana

Apart from that, he can manipulate the length and shape of his sword at his will, thereby making his movements incredibly hard to predict. Coming to his Blood Demon Art, he can shoot crescent-shaped projectiles that can slice through flesh like a warm knife on butter. Forget about his katana, the sheer number of those blades is extremely hard to avoid even for the likes of Hashiras.

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