What are the Best Websites to watch Kdramas online?

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Don’t you love watching South Korean dramas? Nowadays, Kdramas have become so much trendy that people starting from teenagers to adults, love watching them. They are very addictive, and the performance is quite prominent. The reason for this addiction is because Korean dramas have the best engrossing plot, music, soundtracks, actors, and whatnot. The production value of kdramas is quite high. It often builds an emotional relationship between the characters of the drama and the viewers. Also, because of the fashion style, cultural differences, kdramas have gained popularity among people across the world.

Nowadays, a majority of people have access to Netflix, and it has a wide range of Korean dramas. We shall talk about it later on in this article itself. But what if the drama which you want to watch isn’t there on Netflix? This happens at times. Right? There is nothing to worry about. In this article, we shall talk about some of the best online streaming websites where you can watch your favorite drama, be it Korean, Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese, etc., for free. Yes, you read it right. The following mentioned websites offer a wide range of kdramas for free though some dramas need subscriptions.

Otherwise, it’s completely fine. Also, not to forget to mention, all these websites have options for subtitles in English. So, even if you don’t know the Korean language, it won’t be an issue. Sounds great? You can watch it whenever you want to, at any place. Go ahead and learn more about the list of the best websites for watching kdramas.

Best websites to watch Korean dramas online
Korean dramas

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List of some Best Websites to watch kdramas online

Instead of wasting further time searching out the websites on google, here is the list. You can give it a watch.

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Best Websites to watch Korean dramas online
Korean dramas

1. Viki

Viki is an American video streaming website with more than 200+ dramas and has copyrights. It’s one of the very best online sites where you can watch the kdramas for free. Also, there are some dramas which you have to watch with VIKI PASS which you need to buy. But it has a wide range of dramas that are available completely free. Also, the paid version eliminates advertisements. You can watch it anytime. This is one of the Best Websites to watch Kdramas online.

2. Netflix

It’s an AmeKong-based can OTT media service, providing several television series, be it Bollywood, Hollywood, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and so many. To watch kdramas on Netflix, you need to subscribe to it. Even the monthly subscription amount is minimal and worth it.  After that, have fun! Not only that, but also the subtitles on this website are easy to read. It is available in alt most of the countries. The user interface is easy to follow. Unlike other websites, it has both online watching and downloading facilities. It makes it easier for the viewers when on the go.

3. Hulu

Besides Netflix, this is also one of the best online streaming websites. Not just Korean dramas, the entire variety of Asian dramas are available here. Even the audio quality of the dramas on Hulu is amazing. The dramas on Hulu are available both on unpaid and paid versions. It is easier for the viewers to watch their favorite kdrama. This is one of the Best Websites to watch Kdramas online.

4. AsianCrush

On this website, you can watch dramas and television series of different languages, including Korean, Chinese, and many more. It is safe and easy to access. It has a wide range of Asian entertainment.

5. Kocowa

Kocowa.com is a subscription-based website and is very much similar to other websites for streaming and downloading. It is available only in North America and South America. Kocowa.com takes a single day for the dramas to get upload, telecast. It is quite safe to use Kocowa.

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6. Viu

It’s a Hong Kong-based OTT platform where several dramas, series, and films of different languages, including Korean, are available at their best. It is one of the premium quality sites. It has a wide library of Asian dramas and contents. Even the kdramas are of great audio-video quality. It is considered one of the best websites for watching kdramas online.

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