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What are Diona’s Ascension Materials, Talents and Best Build in Genshin Impact?

Diona Ascension Materials
Diona's Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has several playable characters, and these characters have special elements. Also, these characters are less powerful at the beginning, but once their ascension level increases, their power increases too. For example, Diona’s Ascension materials can help Diona increase the strength and power of her abilities. So what are Diona’s Ascension materials? First of all, let us see what is Ascension materials in Genshin impact. These materials can be obtained after reaching a certain level. Also, as players get to a higher level, they have to find more materials or specific materials.

These can help the abilities of a certain character to increase. However, Traveler is the exception, who do not have to roam around to get different materials. That is because they need Brilliant Diamonds as their Ascension material. Now, Diona’s Ascension materials are huge in number, and players must find all the materials. Also, they must increase her level as she can be the best supporting character. But in the beginning, she isn’t. So, are you having Diona in your inventory? If yes, then let’s start with this article that will help you know about Diona’s Ascension materials along with her best build.

Who is Diona in Genshin Impact?

Diona is a catlike 12-year-old child who is a cryo character in Genshin Impact. She works at Cat’s Tail as a bartender who serves but hates it. Her main motive is to destroy all the wine industry in Monstadt. The reason is that her draff father, who is a hunter in Springvale, drinks wine and she just hates watching her dad drink. Also, he drinks from Diona’s enemy that is Diluc which is unbearable for the girl. Therefore, she is on a mission to ruin the Wine industry. But, the result of her mission is very different.

People come to Cat’s Tail just to drink Diona’s wine. Thus, her mission is a failure, but still, she keeps on trying. Talking more about this cute and clever cat girl, she has green eyes with pink hair, and she wears a big hat on her head that is of blue and orange color with an X mark on it. Also, she has a cute ponytail just above her forehead, and she carries a bag on her waist. Furthermore, she certainly has a very cool paw that can easily freeze enemies. This supporting character of Genshin Impact gets her voice from Shiori Izawa in Japanese.

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How to Get the Character in Genshin Impact?

Diona is a character that was absolutely free a few months ago. But now people should spend wishes in Wanderlust Invocation. It is an event that has some permanent wishes that never end. Well, there are some characters that it includes for the players. If a player spends ten wishes, he can get a 4-star character or sometimes more than 4-star characters.

But these four stars were not there a few months ago. However, now it is added, and now people can get both 4 and 5-star characters—also, all these characters and some weapons to are non-event exclusive. Furthermore, there is a rule here that if a player doesn’t get any 4-star items or characters till 9 wishes, then the last one will certainly be a 4-star thing.

Also, a few months ago, Diona was free. There was an event named the Energy Amplifier Initiation event. In this event, players had to complete some quests and missions. They must collect Fractured Fruit Data that could be exchanged. On exchanging these fruit data, players got many time-limited rewards, and these rewards included Diona as well.

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What can be The Best Build for Diona?

If you could get all the items that might be the best for Diona, then that could improve and increase the powers of the character. So, it is important to know the best build for Diona Genshin Impact because she is not such a good character here. So, what are the best build for Diona? She is a cryo character with a Bow as the main weapon. Her elemental burst is powerful enough to both heal and attack. She can attack her enemies and give them good cryo damage but less than other 4-star good characters. Also, she can heal her team when attacked. Well, she is a supporting character, so it is quite obvious that she can also provide a good and strong shield to the team.

So, as she isn’t that good supporting character, then we must have the best build for her to increase the strength of her shields and her healing capacity. Thus, Sacrificial Bow could be the best weapon for her. It is a 4-star weapon, and if you spend wishes, then you can get it. Another weapon that could be a substitute for it is the Favonius Warbow. It generates small amounts of elemental particles that will increase the energy of the character.

Diona's Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Diona’s Best Build

Next are the best Artifacts, and it includes not-stackable Noblesse Oblige. 2 pieces of it can only increase the damage up to 20%, and 4 pieces of it can increase the attack up to 20%, and every teammate gets this for 12 secs only. Furthermore, talking about its substitutes, there are two of them Tenacity of the Millelith and Maiden Beloved. Both of them are a two-piece set, and the first one increases HP by 20% while the second one increases it by 15%. These are the best ones for Diona, so you can increase her strength if you use the above-mentioned items.

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What are Diona’s Talents?

Diona’s Skill Talents are Katzlein Style, her icy paws are elemental skill, and her signature mix is her elemental burst. Further, her passive talents include Cat’s Tail Secret Menu, Dunkards’ Farce, and Complimentary Bar Food. So let’s read them briefly.

Skill Talents

Katzlein Style has three parts, including a normal attack, a Charged attack, and a plunging attack. Now, the normal attack can eject five arrows from a bow. The charged attack can be best for aiming perfectly, and an arrow that is fully charged then it can also deal with the cryo damage from the opponent’s side. Next is a plunging attack. It is an extremely powerful talent. It can eject several arrows, and these arrows shower on the enemies. Also, it is useful while dealing with AoE damage.

Diona's Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Diona’s Talents

Icy Paws is an elemental skill, and it is very useful when someone attacks the character. As you know, Diona is a supporting character, she has these paws that she can throw on enemies so that these paws can freeze them. Signature Mix helps deal with cryo damage in AoE. Also, it continuously regenerates the health of the character, and it is the elemental burst skill talent.

Passive Talent

Cat’s Tail Secret Menu unlocks at Ascension 1, and it helps decrease the speed and stamina consumption of the opponents that were frozen by the icy paws. Drunkard’s Farce unlocks at Ascension level 4, and it is useful in decreasing the ATK of the opponents when they enter AoE. Lastly, Complimentary bar food unlocks automatically and is related to cooking.

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What are Diona’s Ascension Materials on Different Levels?

At Ascension rank 1, Diona must be at level 20 in the game. She needs 20000 Mora, three Calla Lily, three Arrowhead, and one Shivada Jade Silver. Next is Ascension rank 2, where she will be at level 50. She needs 40000 More this time and ten Calla Lily. Further, she will need three Shivada Jade Fragment, two Hoarfrost Core, and fifteen Firm Arrowhead. At Ascension rank 3, she must be at level 60, and she will need 60000 Mora, six Shivada Jade Fragment, twenty Calla Lily, four Hoarfrost Core, and lastly, twelve Sharp Arrowhead.

Next Ascension rank is 4, where she will be at level 70. Diona Ascension materials here are 80000 Mora, three Shivada Jade Chunk, thirty Calla Lily, eighteen Sharp Arrowhead, and eight Hoarfrost Core. The next one is Ascension level 5, where Diona is at level 80. She will need 100000 Mora, six Shivada Jade Chunk, forty-five Calla Lily, twelve Hoarfrost Core, and twelve Weathered Arrowhead. Lastly, we have Ascension level 6, and her Diona is at the rank of 90. She will need 120000 Mora, twenty-four Weathered Arrowhead, twenty Hoarfrost Core, and Calla Lily must be sixty this time. Also, Diona needs six Shivada Jade Gemstone.

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