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What Anime is Zack Foster from? All About His Character

What Anime is Zack Foster from? - Angels of Death

What Anime is Zack Foster from? When it comes to crazy, psychopathic, and amoral characters, anime has a ton of them. From characters like Light Yagami in “Death Note” to Yuno Gasai from “Mirai Nikki,” we have a wide range of chaotic characters that could be the main focus of moral debates, some with and some without their redemption arcs. However, in this article, we will look into a character so deranged that you will remember the good old “Creepy Pasta” days. Zack Foster, have you heard of him?

Dressed in a bloody hooded jacket, red pants, and draped with bandages while carrying a scythe, Zack is an impulse-driven character with a rough mouth that cuts like a blade. His ability to always speak his mind out and make light of even the scariest situation by using sarcastic insults gives him a charm that could make you like him despite him being… a serial killer.

Well, to find out what turned him into the way he is and more about his world – Read on!

Young Zack

What Anime is Zack Foster from?

Isaac Foster, nicknamed Zack, is one of the protagonists from the game and anime “Satsuriku no Tenshi” or “Angels of Death”. The anime revolves around the bond Zack and Ray (Rachel Gardner) create as they descend the floors of an abandoned building while facing all the challenges and people that come along the way.

What Anime is Zack Foster from? - Angels of Death

Angels of Death Anime Poster

As a child, Zack lived a rough life. Born in an abusive and poor family, he never received any form of love. His mother’s lover once attempted to burn him as a child, and after this incident, he was wrapped in a cloth and left outside an orphanage.  As luck was never on his side, the caretakers at the orphanage treated him as well as the other children in an abusive manner. For a character with a loudmouth, he was a quiet child. He always did what people bullied him into doing while trying to survive on his own by digging for food in trash cans. He was referred to as a “Monster” because of his burnt skin but what they did not know is that it was not his skin but merely a violent horror film that would turn him into the badass monster that he is.

After coming across the television that was left on by the caretakers, he was mesmerized and inspired by the violence he saw in a horror film. This ignited a murderous flame within him, and he went on to stab his caretakers to death. After mutilating and burying them behind the orphanage, he disappeared. His third kill was made when he was wandering the streets, and a lady accidentally splashed him with water from a puddle while driving. Tired, he rested in her car after the kill and woke up to be found by a man the next day. When the man does not react to Zack pointing his knife at him, he realizes that the old man is blind. Exhausted because of hunger, he passed out and later woke up in the old man’s house.

The old man’s reaction to Zack’s confession

Although suspicious of the old man who offered him some bread, hunger got the better of him. Eventually, he decided to stay with the old man since he had nowhere else to go. Days after living with the old man and his kind gestures and acceptance, Zack begins to have a feeling that makes him sick and disturbed. He concludes that going on a killing spree could get rid of this feeling. He contemplates killing the old man but decides against it and goes outside to kill a drunkard. Upon returning, he confesses to the old man, but to his surprise, the latter decides to treat him even better from now on.  Unfortunately, the old man was killed by a group of thugs on his way home from buying bread for Zack.

When he did not return home on time, Zack grew impatient, thinking that he had been abandoned again. After waiting for a long time, his thirst to kill took over, and he went outside with a knife that he found in the house. He canes across the group of thugs who were going on about killing an old man. Unable to see their happy faces and hear their laughter, Zack stabs them to death with his knife. While doing this, he finally realizes that killing people who are happy and laughing gives him more satisfaction. After this incident, the monster inside him rose to a new level, and accepting the monster that he had become, Zack continued killing.

What Anime is Zack Foster from? - Angels of Death

Zack and Ray

After a time-skip, Zack becomes a famous wanted serial killer. Later he was found by a Reverend, Abraham Gray, who put out an offer to Zack. In the offer, Zack was to stay in an abandoned building as the master of the floor B6, but what stood out for him, which made him accept the offer was that he was allowed to kill anybody who entered his floor without dealing with the cops. Living here opened a new world for Zack. He meets people who he’d love to kill except for Rachel, or Ray, who doesn’t give him the thrill to kill because of her dead eyes. Ray, on the other hand, asks Zack to kill her, but with no interest in killing her so soon and the need to get out of the building, Zack promises to kill her after she helps him get out of there.


For an anime with a protagonist as someone who could be a villain, the progression of the story is a thrilling experience. Since they have to descend the floors of the building, meet new threats and make decisions that could either kill or save them, we as watchers cannot help but wonder what we would do in their place. Well, if you’d like to experience what they went through, I’ve got news for you!

Ray and Zack (Game)

This anime is adapted from a Game released in 2016 developed by Stardust KRNKRN, Makoto Sanada. This game, made using RPG Maker, is part RPG and part a Visual novel. It is a psychological horror adventure game made up of four parts.

You can download the game from Steam and play it to experience escaping the abandoned building.

Besides this, it also has a manga and a light novel adaptation. The manga was released after the game was published. The story was written by the game’s developer Makoto Sanada and the art was drawn by Nazuka Kudan.

The anime was released as a part of the Summer 2018 anime. It has sixteen episodes produced by J.C. Staff.


With so many different types of content of the same story, does it have any particular order? Well, no. You can watch the anime, play the game or read the manga in any order. Although, of course, the way you experience the story would be different.

You can watch “Angels of Death” on Crunchyroll.

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